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    Doubts regarding Sample work attachments

    Hi Sindhu Pratap,

    My personal special Thanks for your in responding to my first forum message to the site. Hope you don't mistaken me in asking the below questions as it will let me to move forward in correct path towards my contribution as per the site rules and regulations.

    1. As per rules towards seeking the posting rights - In which format should i attach my sample works (Word or Pdf)? Do i need to copy and paste the samples in message page or go with attachment?

    2. Do you use any special software to handle the resources (Eg:Colouring Pages,worksheets...)? If so please guide me about the list of softwares?

    3.What would be the file size of attaching our samples? Is there any restrictions or specific size?

    4. How long it will take to review our samples? Will i be intimated about the feedback or mistakes if any related to my samples?

    S.Naina Khan
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    Naina Khan,
    We are here to help you. The forum thread that I gave you actually gives answers to all your questions if you go through them in details you will get the answer. However since you have personal asked for help I am guiding you accordingly.

    1. Sample can be sent to our webmaster in the form of '.jpg', '.jepg' and '.png'. Make them as an attachment
    2. I am using CorelDRAW and there are many other software to design your worksheets. However there are still member who are very comfortable with the basic software that is MSPaint
    3. Read through this forum thread I have answered on worksheet sizing here

    Worksheet sizing

    4. We have good editors and webmasters to help you correct your mistakes during the initial stages of article submissions. However I will not be able to tell you an actual time since editors here work on their free time. Still we will try our level best to check them as quick as possible.

    If your article is good to go we will go ahead and approve it with cash credit and points. You will see it under the tab Approved under the Articles section

    If your article needs correction than we will give the relevant comments and move then to pending status. You can find your article listed under Pending

    If your article is not up to the mark or copied or with reproduced content we simply delete them. You will see your article listed under Deleted


    Hemaaraani B

    "Face the problem face to face with Smiling Face"

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    Hi Sindhu Pratap,

    Thanks for your words of responses. As per the guidance given by you i am ready to sent my sample to webmaster in required format. But the doubt which i have is - You have told me to make the samples as attachments but when i went through the contact page i could find only Name,Email,Subject along with space for message then how do can i attach my samples. Can you please guide about it. I could not see a complete gtalk or email id of our web masters. Can you also help me into it.

    Should i sent the samples to our web master like the same format we submit in our resources section with required summary,Description.

    Don't mistaken me in asking these question as this is first stage of my learning towards the site.

    S.Naina Khan

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    Hello Naina,
    To the knowledge of mine, I suppose that if you are sending a mail to the webmaster for the permission of Practice test section, it is enough to write in the message box itself which you have mentioned about those that are visible and for giving your test coloring pages, you have to submit them in any format that you require and send them as attachments, you can send attachments from your Gmail in the following fashion - After opening your mail page, click compose, there after as you mentioned, there would be a 'To' bar then 'Subject' bar and below this particular bar there would be a hyperlink of 'Attach a file' by clicking on that you can access the files that are previously saved on your PC. By selecting the required worksheet you can now send them to our webmaster.

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    @ Naina,
    All you need to send is your sample work. If our webmasters are satisfied with your samples you will be given permission accordingly.

    How to seek Posting rights

    If you read the forum told above you will get the G talk ids and almost all the details you wanted. Make it as a formal email to a site webmaster. These are detail you must be adding (i.e) Introduce yourself, Give it a title for your samples, Let them know your interest and that is it.

    @ Prithvi,
    Kindly read through the forum completely and guide the member correctly. Sorry if it hurt. I really didn't mean to hurt you here. However here Naina is trying seek help about submitting his sample worksheet and nowhere talking about Practice test. Kindly guide members accordingly as you are all being in this site for a very long time. Please do not place a comment without any needs. This is my kind request.


    Hemaaraani B

    "Face the problem face to face with Smiling Face"

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