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    Festival celebration at play school is necessary?


    Play group kids are just one and half year to two and half year old. How they are enjoying the events at preschools? I wondered that the kids of such a small age are really understand what is going on.
    Like everything, this is also having its positive and negative side.
    Though kids are very young at play school, but they learn about the Indian culture as well as it is a great fun to get together and celebrate a festivals.

    But the negative part is that, each and every events comes with a particular dress code, and its not at all possible for all the parents to arrange such thing on time.
    Result is, either they do not send their child on that day or child may feel embarrassed when they look different than other. I believe that, we all should respect the kid's emotion.

    Is it possible to make the system such a way that, festival are celebrated by all the kids not for few of them?

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    You are right but I don't appreciate you. In this modern century kids should not just get embarrassed about their dress codes! And this is the parents sole responsibility not to let those kind of thoughts to reach their kid's imagination. And this will not happen in one day, really not at all...! How could you let this stupid thoughts come into your sweet heart's mind even!

    In fact you should encourage them learning new things, not as home works ( as many kids just hate going to school and doing home works! :p ), involve him/her doing creative things, ask his/her point of view in anything (like stars, galaxy, machines, nature, animals .. anything on Earth.. which is worth knowing), do some exercises with him/her! And these should not be done occasionally, but on a regular basis / frequently!

    If s/he is not doing the way you wish, give him/her options, but don't forget to ask for the explanation. This way you'll make him/her responsible and mature in a way ( so that s/he'll be able to understand and won't just nag for everything. )

    Believe me Kids are very intelligent, understanding ... I've less words (i.e adjectives) in the dictionary of world to use for them!

    Parents should work on their kid's inner ability, to make him/her stand uniquely intelligent, NOT that s/he have to wear a new dress in every occasion!

    You can tell him/her the STORY behind the occasion, give as much information as possible to your kid. Insist them to converse about that among friends, you'll see the difference...! (i.e the kids and parents who just show off ( though it is not their mistake also, they might have grown that way.. ) rather improving their child's inner skills, how they will come to make contact and be friend with your lovely, intelligent kid!)

    Don't let him/her dishearten. She will be okay, IF YOU DO SO! :) Really!

    N.B.: YES IT IS TRUE THAT THE FESTIVALS ARE NOTHING BUT JUST A KIND OF COSTUME PARTIES TO THE KIDS. BUT It is also true that if the parents make them understand the reason behind those festivals, they are the one who'll understand more surprisingly! And never make you UPSET! Spend time with your kid to know his/her feelings, thoughts, TRUST you'll also discover many interesting things about your KID!

    These are the inner secret WHY ROHAN is close to me, and loves spending time talking about different things, rather than concentrating the fashion shows and dress codes! :)

    Thank You for reading! Best of LUCK!

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