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    English language; animals and their young.

    English language; animals and their young.
    The young of a human is called a baby. There are special names for the young of animals too. Let's look at some of the examples:

    Adult Young
    Ant, bee Grub
    Bear Cub
    Boar Piglet
    Bull Calf
    Cat Kitten
    Dog Puppy
    Eagle Eaglet
    Mosquito Nymph
    Eel Elver
    Fox Cub
    Frog Tadpole
    Goat Kid
    Horse Foal
    Housefly Maggot
    Lion Cub
    Moth Caterpillar
    Owl Owlet
    Tiger Cub
    Wolf cub
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    Thank You for posting these kinds of questions on this site it will help many of the parents and children as well. By these questions it will be and easy task for the parents to make their children learn about the particular subject this is a good question and my one of the suggestion is that you should also give the children an answer key so that they can match their answer with the questions and they can know what is the correct answer for that particular question and can remember it for a long period of time. And it is a great way of increasing the IQ of a child so that he or she can remember a question for a long period of time thanking you again for posting these questions and please post more and more questions of these types.

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    Dear Himanshu , please stop copying and pastng your response from another thread into another thread. It is very wrong.
    "Train a child and you will have peace at old age"

    Adesola Adeyeye

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