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    Can I earn through the practice test

    Dear webmaster, I am very inquisitive in nature. I am interested in requesting if there is a reward for any member or members if I respond to practice tests in that section.
    And please how can I benefit from attempting to solve some problems in the practice test sections.
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    Hello Adesola Adeyeye,

    Practice test section is developed to let student avail the free facility of practicing MCQ type tests to check their subject preparations.

    Attempting to solve the practice test would not attract any points or cash credits.

    You can earn from practice test section by submitting fresh questions (presented in your own writing style) along with answers and explanations. Before posting any new question for practice test, please make sure that the question is not already posted in question bank.

    Namita Terse

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    Dear Webmaster, thanks for your response and clarifications. Please can you give permission to post practice test on this site. I will greatly appreciate it.
    "Train a child and you will have peace at old age"

    Adesola Adeyeye

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