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    Learning English; Contractions

    Change the word () into contractions.

    1. ______(he is ) fun to play with.

    2. The answer _____(was not) correct.

    3. _____(it is) time to go bed.

    4. ______(do not) pluck the flowers.

    5. _______(what is) name of your school?

    6. I _________(was not) feeling well yesterday.

    7. _______(they are) good friends.

    8. She _______(is not) doing her homework.

    9. I ________(cannot) hear your voice.

    10. She________ (has not) found her new pencil.

    Ashu Batra
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    This is a good thread but there is a need for you to explain what contractions is or was in english. When this is done members like me will respond to this.
    "Train a child and you will have peace at old age"

    Adesola Adeyeye

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    Hi Adesola ,
    A contraction is a shortened version of a written or spoken form of a word.
    e.g : he will – he'll , they will – they 'll
    Fill up the following sentences using these contractions.


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