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    Water in our environment and its importance

    Water is very important for us. We use a lot of water everyday. Human beings, plants and animals need water to live . Some parts of the earth's surface are covered with water.

    This can be seen in streams, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. Good water should have no taste.and it should have no odour nor colour. It should have no smell. Some plants and animals live in water .

    We use water for transportation. Living things can not do without water.
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    Water is very important in our life . All living things need water to live , even people. Without water , we cannot survive . We need water to drink , wash our hands , to brush your teeth , to cook food and many other things . Our body is 70% made of water . If we do not have enough water per day , our body will become exhausted . Dehydration will cause us many problems and this may need water rehydrate. Water is having a lot of advantages we should take care our water to prevent water pollution .


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    Water is life and that is why there is the need to secure it with great care and carefulness.
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    Adesola Adeyeye

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