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    Parenting problems of stuburn kids

    My 8 year old daughter is very stuburn amd does not wish to obey instructions at all sometumes. But at other times she is happy and cheerful. What should i do to control her stuburn behavior?
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    I too had the same problem. Never yield to her demands when she is stubborn. It will act like fuel and the kids will continue to show the same behavior when they need something the next time. When she has come back to normal, talk to her about her behavior. Ask her if she think it is a good behavior. She will accept that she was wrong. Gradually, she will start asking for tips on how to control stubborn character.

    You can take the help of other mothers and teachers. Teachers know our kids better than us. After all, they spend more time with them. Do not be shy to share your kids negative characters with others. You will get a lot of help from your friends, her teachers, friends of your daughter etc. Nowadays, counselling is also available at schools. Don't think that it is not such a big issue to be consulted. After all you want to have a good character when she grows up. So try to correct her by whatever help you can get.

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    Hi vrudhi ,
    I think you are new in studyvillage . Such type of question will discuss in Ask Expert Section. Our Experts will respond quickly and effectively to your question.


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    Welcome to the site where educational threads relating to child development are been discussed daily by the gurus.
    It is very important for you to know that you can earn on all your quality resources posted on this site. Please it is ideal that you adhered to the rules here.
    Your thread is a good one because it applies to everyone thta is an adult now. We were once kids and very stubborn but things have changed now because of better understanding of life. To handle a stubborn child is to show the child total love instead of total scolding by this the child will sit up and be responsible.

    "Train a child and you will have peace at old age"

    Adesola Adeyeye

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