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    Answer these questions correctly.

    By these questions it will be and easy task for the parents to make their children learn about the particular subject. And it is a great way of increasing the IQ of a child so that he or she can remember a question for a long period of time. Hope that these questions will help your child to learn more and more the questions are-

    1. Speakers are used for………………….

    2. What is the full form of CD?

    3. Printers are used for …………….

    4. U.P.S is used for…………..

    5. What is the full form of a USB?
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    Answers of the above questions are-
    1. Listening to music and all the other sounds in the computer.

    2. CD- Compact Disk

    3. Printers are mainly used for printing the pages and there are main kind of printers such as dot matrix printer and many others.

    4. Providing the computer a power backup so that it can be used without electricity as well.

    5. The full form of USB is Universal Service bus it is so because we can transfer the data from one computer to another.

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