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    Is the website dying out?

    I do not find enough activities in this website. Is it because the webmasters have decided to abandon the project?

    After going through the website, I feel that only the forum section has contributions once in a while. Otherwise, there is no recent activity. There are no contest, to encourage the members. There is no one to edit or review the articles. The website which could otherwise be developed to one of the best websites seems barren.
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    The website is definitely not going to die anytime soon. We have ambitious plans for this educational portal but we have slowed down a bit due to lack of good authors to develop new content.

    This site is not meant to be like other ones in our network. We do not encourage too much of member participation and that is the reason we do not have any contests. Instead of making members compete each other to win prizes, we like to have selected authors to develop high quality content and we will reward those authors very competitively.

    If you like to be an active and regular contributor, please let me know and we can discuss the opportunities.

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    As far as ISC is concerned it has grown to its maximum potential. We cannot expect it to reach more heights as it is already there in the top. But for studyvillage there is great potential to grow.

    I would like to be active in studyvillage. But I am already busy with my job, ISC, editing in ISC and my small blog. I can give a maximum of two or three hours per week to this website. But I do not have the ability to add graphics or animation. I can just add essays, speech or questions in the practice test. I can also try the maths and physics sections.

    As a parent I have observed that my daughter does not like a website which has some written content. She reads a lot of books. But when it comes to websites she needs activities, they are looking for interactive games. I as a mother choose websites with educational activities for her, so that she is not addicted to other games. So we may need more interactive sessions - the practice test section is a good one.

    I had written an essay in February and it has not been reviewed yet.

    I kindly request you to go through the post and let me know its status. If I can contribute in this website in any section, please let me know.

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    @ webmaster, there is no good content here because approval had not been given to the newbies on this site like me to contribute in the article section. I have been pleading and also posted sample of my resources in the forum for the attention of the webmaster and editors but there had been no response. So, I think I agree with the author that this site is dying slowly.
    Please webmaster, look in to this now.

    "Train a child and you will have peace at old age"

    Adesola Adeyeye

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    Krishna, I have approved your article now.

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    Thank you sir.

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