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    Advantges and disadvantages of homeschooling

    Actually this is a toughy subject but am choosing it because i am passionate about it,the most supportive thing in builiding your child's character is homeschooling. all parents should think about it, and there are so many advantages and disadvatages of homeschooling,homeschooling gives parents the ability to completely control everything about their childern lives.In contrast when child goes to public school in his very young age he intract with things outside of their parents world and they have more control over their own education. Now, I'm not saying that any abuse can never take place when children goes to public school. It can. But it cannot take place at all to the extent that it can when childern are homeschooled. I have seen many families where homschooling is a wonderfull thing but i think parents shouls isolate their childern so that they could find the solution of their problems by their selves and could control their education in highly problematic ways.if we talk about benefits of homeschooling than every parent should be well educated and well discplined for homeschooling so that they could make their childern heroes of future and could secure their future. Thats all what i think and evey parent or gardian should thik about it because we want a better nation and a better future of our generation.
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    This system of school is good but it is not ideal for today child. I believed that a child should mixed with other people in order for them to know what is obtainable outside your home.
    "Train a child and you will have peace at old age"

    Adesola Adeyeye

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    Homeschooling has got its merits and demerits. In homeschooling the parents can know and control all the developmental aspects of the kids. They will get personal attention. But the parents must be capable of setting aside lot of time for the kids. The most important thing is one of the parents must be unemployed and well educated. The parents must make use of all the modern amenities to collect resources. The child can develop at his own pace.

    The main demerit is lack of socializing. The children will not learn the importance of sharing, team work, events and sports which the students are getting in schools. Traditional schools will give life long friendship to the kids. So it will be an asset to the kids as an individual.

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