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    Request permission to post worksheets

    Hello Sir,
    I am Arthi and completed my post graduate degree. I am very much interested in creating elementary level worksheets. During my son preschool and Kindergarten studies I made so many homemade teaching stuffs and it made him to learn easily. Many of my friends are impressed with my stuffs. I would like to contribute my work to this site so that people can make use of it.
    But I have restricted permission to post worksheets for my previous posts. Can you please tell what mistakes I made in my posting and how can I rectify now?
    Currently I have some own prepared Tamil worksheets. Can you please tell how to reach you?

    Thank you in advance
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    Hello, If management allows you for sharing the worksheet so you can definitely do it because it is very restricted sites and some things are not allowed so thats why you should take permission from the management. Well, you can also use another platform for the worksheet because I also used other sites for my cheap assignment service online who work for the students so now you have many choices.

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    hello, Arthi if you may not find to post in the worksheet so don't worry you can contact with affordable essay writing service that provide you ready worksheet so that you can get worksheet on time and teacher is also happy to you.

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