Content Posting Guidelines

Members are required to follow the guidelines mentioned below while posting content in any sections of this site. The guidelines mentioned below are general guidelines for all sections. This does not include rules for posting in specific sections. Each specific section may have it's own rules for posting content. From time to time, we may announce various rules and regulations regarding posting in specific sections.
Basic HTML tags to use in various posts
Use proper summary for your resources
How to create search engine friendly links?
Cross promote your posts by linking your resources each other
Use proper spacing between paragraphs and heading in your posts
Do no use unnecessary punctuations and symbols
Posting promotional content & External links
Restrictions on links to other websites
Posts with too many images and too little content are not allowed
Use proper casing for your posts, use capital letters only when necessary
Use proper title for your resources
Too short description is not acceptable
Do not break down sentences in the middle
Use proper spacing after punctuation
Use proper sentences and not just phrases
Do not expose your name and contact information in any posts
Copy right issues and reproduced content
How to display an image using IMG tag
Organize content in to paragraphs with headings
Optimize your posts with good use of keywords
Content must be optimized for search engines
Make keywords bold to get better traffic to the posts
Use keywords in the headings to optimize it for search engines
Image posting guidelines
Hotlinking to images and documents on other sites
Keyword spamming is not allowed
How to use Tags
Referring to content from external sources
Profile photo guidelines
How to make lists in your content
Guest Posts: Articles with links to external websites
Forum Posting Guidelines
How to use affiliate links in your articles

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