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How to become an editor in this site?

In this article, I will explain how to become an editor and join our team.

Editors are recruited by lead editors, site coordinator and webmasters on need basis. From time to time, we add additional editors to our team to support our fast growth.

The below are the general guidelines followed for selecting new editors.

1. A member must be ACTIVE in this site for at least 6 months and should be a DIAMOND member before he can be considered for editor post.

2. Member must have demonstrated his ability to help others by actively posting answers in the forum for the questions posted by others.

3. Member must have extensive knowledge about how this site operates, how the awards are given, how the cash credit system works etc. This knowledge can be acquired by actively participating in the forum, reading past announcements, interacting with existing editors etc.

4. Member must have very good English writing skills.

5. Member must be willing to spend at least 2 hours per day in this site posting content and helping us edit content.

6. Member must demonstrate his knowledge about this website by posting answers to the questions posted by others in the forum.

7. Member must be capable of giving answers instead of keep asking questions about each and every thing. Must be capable of finding answers and solutions themselves without having to ask each and everything.

8. Should be capable of understanding the "logic" behind a rule and should know when to be flexible and when not. In most cases, the same rule cannot be applied to all in the same way.

9. Editors work voluntarily and they are not paid employees. We pay a very small remuneration for the editing work. Also, editors will receive additional points every month, proportional to the quality/amount of editing work done.

10. Editors will get extended AdSense revenue sharing (as long as they continue to be editors), while regular members will get AdSense revenue sharing only for 1 year for each post in this site.

New editors are recruited up on the discretion of the webmasters. Just meeting above criteria does not guarantee that you will be selected as an editor. Webmasters must be convinced about your ability to serve as an editor.

In most cases, the selection will be initiated by a lead editor, site coordinator or webmaster by contacting you directly, based on your participation and contribution in the forums. We are continuously looking for smart people to add to our team.

If you meet all of the above criteria, it is a good idea to add the webmasters to your instant messenger and establish contacts with them. All of our webmasters and editors are very keen on establishing direct contact with our members. You may have to wait several months before you could be hired as an editor, but it is worth the wait!

Lead Editors

Lead editors are the lead for a group of editors. They will be independently responsible for one or more sections and manage day to day administration of the section. They will train the editors in their group to perform their duties according to the policies of this site.

Lead editors may override the editing decisions of other editors. Also, Lead Editors will have editing access to all sections of this.

Trainee Editors

When a new editor is hired, he will be joining as 'Trainee Editor' until he is promoted as regular editor. There will be no remuneration for trainee editors. During the training period, the trainee editors are expected to learn from other senior editors and demonstrate their knowledge about this site by answering queries from other members. The training period is not fixed, but it depends on how quickly the trainee editor demonstrate the knowledge in editing.

Learn more about the benefits for editors.

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