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How to deal with dis approved AdSense applications ?

In this page, you can find details on how to deal with disapproved AdSense accounts.

We has no role in approving or rejecting an AdSense application. That is completely at the discretion of Google. There is no use in contacting us asking the reason for rejection of an AdSense application.

In case of a dis approval of your AdSense application, you will receive an email from Google explaining why your AdSense application was dis approved. And most probably, the email from Google will include the steps that you have to do to re submit your application.

You have to follow the instructions in that email. After you complete the steps mentioned in the email, you have to login to and re submit your original application for review. Most probably, Google will approve if you have followed the steps correctly.

Before you resubmit, make sure you have followed the steps mentioned in the top of this page.

If you are still dis approved, you will again receive an email asking you to follow further steps. You must continue the above process a reasonable number of times until the issue is resolved.

Sometimes Google disapproves AdSense account registrations in error or due to mis understanding or for lack of information in your application. In such cases, you may contact Google AdSense team explaining the situation.

Please try to make your email reply to Google as polite as possible and provide as much information as possible. Here is a sample reply to Google for a dis approved account:


I recently joined the Google AdSense API revenue sharing program offered by I created a Google AdSense account through and I used my profile page in as my website while joining this program.

Unfortunately, my AdSense account application was dis approved by Google. I have taken appropriate steps mentioned in your email regarding the dis approval and have re submitted my application for your review.

Kindly look into my re submitted AdSense application and approve if you think I am eligible to participate.

I am excited on joining this AdSense revenue sharing program.

[Your Name]

Remember to login to and re submit your AdSense application for review.

Repeatedly rejected AdSense applications

Sometimes, Google seem to be rejecting AdSense applications with non relevant reasons like:

- Unacceptable site content
- Your site must have been active for atleast 6 months before you apply for AdSense
- You must provide accurate personal information with the application that match the information in your page


In some cases, this reason does not make any sense at all. We have contacted Google several times regarding this, but haven't received any good response yet. Until we hear something from Google regarding the rejections, we can only suggest to repeatedly try for AdSense account every few months.

How can help you get your AdSense application approved?

There is nothing much we can do to help on this. This is purely between you and Google. Some members find it very difficult to get approval. If your application is rejected, it is better to continue contributing and try again after 2-3 months.

If your application is rejected multiple times even after you post great resources in, you may remove your rejected AdSense
account from your account. Then you can try again to create a fresh AdSense account through with a different email id, if your application is rejected for some invalid reason. However, if your AdSense account was disapproved for any violation of policies, you are not allowed re apply.

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