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How to delete a user account

In this page, I will explain how to remove user account and personal information from this site.

Personal Information
You can remove any personal information you stored in this site by editing your profile at any time. The only public information you cannot erase is your user id, which do not come under personal information as per definitions of any internet guidelines.

Once created, we do not allow deleting a user account permanently from this site. We are required to maintain certain records of all members who joined, which include your user id and Ip addresses you logged in. We will not need to keep your personal information of yours, if you choose to erase them.

How to remove your name, email address and other profile information?

- Go to Manage Account Page
- Click the link Edit Profile
- Erase your name, email address and any other information in your profile and use some nick name and invalid email address, so that it cannot be used to identify you.

If you have used your name and other personal information in any of your content, those will stay and cannot be removed. It is strongly recommended not to use your personal information in the content you post anywhere.

It is possible that other people may have referenced your name in forum discussions and other pages in this site. Those references cannot be changed.

We have no requirement that you should use your real name in your profile. You may choose to use a nick name instead. If you are concerned about others identifying you, you should never use your personal information anywhere in this site which can be used to identify you. However, you will need to use a valid email address, which is not publicly visible, except when you send messages to others.

Removing content
Any content posted in this will become the property of this site. Deleting some content after approval have many impacts on this site. One example is, we may have created other related content and linked to this specific content, which will become irrelevant if the original content is removed. Also, if some content pages are removed, many links in our site become broken. If you have written an article, several people may have posted feedback on it. Or, if you have posted a forum thread, several people may have responded to it. Or, we may have rewarded you with payments or you may have already benefited from the Ad revenue. Another reason we do not allow removing content is, our editors may have already spend their valuable time editing and reviewing your content. Considering many such factors, as a policy, we do not allow removing your content from this site.

We may allow some users, at special cases, on our discretion, to delete their content. We allow removing your content from this site only if you have never received any benefits from your content in this site which include but not limited to cash rewards, AdSense revenue share or any other sort of rewards from us. If you have received any rewards from us, you are not allowed to remove any content you posted in this site, except with written permission from the webmasters. We reserve the rights to decline permission to remove the content once posted in this site.

You have access and editing rights on certain content you posted but not all. Certain content like forum responses etc may be locked after some duration since deleting them may make the remaining responses irrelevant.

If we mutually agree to remove all your content from this site, you need to compensate us for the expenses incurred in hosting content, including:

- Any rewards received by you
- Cost involved in giving you the rewards (bank transaction charges, courier charges, administration, TDS deduction costs, TDS reimbursement charges)
- Money we paid to the editors to edit your content
- If any editors received any special gifts or rewards for their editing contests which include editing your content
- Benefits received by other members for any contribution that include participating in any content associated with your content (For example, if a member received an award for highest points in a month and that point include points from responses to a forum thread posted by you, you need to compensate us for that reward)

There may be other expenses that is not mentioned here and can vary from case to case basis. Once we mutually agree to delete all your content, you should first pay us all the rewards you received and then we will have an accountant generate a report of the other compensation you have to pays as mentioned above. Within 30 days after you pay back all rewards, we will send you the report of other compensation. Once you receive the report, you should pay us the amount within 60 days. After that, your content will be removed from this site.

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