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How to integrate InfoLinks with this site

Read this to learn how to integrate InfoLinks with this website.

If you have an account with Infolinks, you can add this site to your Infolinks account and then provide the Infolinks details to us to start earning from Infolinks through your content in this site.

Sign up for an Infolinks account

If you don't have an Infolinks account, you must apply for a new account using this link -

In the registration form, there is a field for website url. In that field, provide your special profile url ([Your User Id].aspx) as your website url.

Integrating your Infolinks ad script

After your application is approved, you can login to Infolinks account and then click on "Integrate" tab to generate the ad script.

Choose this site name in the dropdown list and then look at the "Javascript" tab. If you do not see in the dropdown, then you will need to add the site first using the Add New Website + link on the left panel.


You will see the Infolinks integration script. You cannot use this script directly. All you have to do is, copy the Infolinks pid and Infolinks wsid from the script.

Save the pid and wsid into this page.

Choose the option "I have an Infolinks account and I want to use my Infolinks Ads in my pages" and then provide the Infolinks pid and wsid in appropriate fields.


You are all set. If your Infolinks account is approved, you will start earning immediately from your content pages. Remember the actual earnings depends on the traffic to your pages and the number of clicks on your Ads.


There is no need to contact Infolinks support team asking how to integrate your ad script with this site. They will not able to help you with the integration. You cannot use the ad script as it provided by Infolinks team. Instead, you have to follow the steps above to complete the integration.

If your Infolinks application is rejected, you may mail them and show them the information mentioned in your profile page -[Your User Id].aspx and remind them that you are applying for Infolinks account as part of a revenue sharing agreement between this site and Infolinks.

In order to participate in our Infolinks revenue sharing program, you must sign up using this link:

If you already have an Infolinks account, you just need to add your profile url ([Your User Id].aspx) as a new website in the existing Infolinks account.

Infolinks application with the reason "you do not have full access to your HTML source code"

Sometimes Infolinks reject the application stating "you do not have full access to your HTML source code". This happens due to misunderstanding by their reviewers. In such cases, we cannot do anything to influence Infolinks and get approval. Instead, you must contact them with a message shown as below:

Dear Infolinks team,

I recently applied for an Infolinks account through the revenue sharing program offered by As part of this program, I can use my Infolinks account in this site and the site will place my Infolinks ad script in my content pages. This program is implemented through some agreement between and Infolinks company. So, kindly approve my Infolinks application and the site will take care of placing ad script in

You may refer to my profile page here:[Your User Id].aspx


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