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Like at ISC, Study village should also conduct thread a day contestForumK Mohan03 Jul 2020
Avoid cool drinks and cold food to the childrenForumK Mohan02 Jul 2020
Online internal exams for 5th class startedForumK Mohan01 Jul 2020
But children do not understand the lock down and why that is prolonging only for the school and studForum ResponsesK Mohan01 Jul 2020
We all are gregarious by nature whether it is children, young or old people. Everyone wants company Forum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt01 Jul 2020
Children missing the connect of their colleaguesForumK Mohan30 Jun 2020
I do understand what you said Jebaprincy but what I meant that this site is having the life and thatForum ResponsesK Mohan29 Jun 2020
Mohan, There is no connection between ads and to go big. Small sites will also display ads if it haForum ResponsesJebaprincy29 Jun 2020
When ads are appearing on this page that proves the site has the life to continue and go big.Forum ResponsesK Mohan28 Jun 2020
This is the best article for the students as envelop making is the good art and money envelops are bResource ResponsesK Mohan27 Jun 2020
Today I have seen the contributions from webmaster Tony and he must have read this post.Forum ResponsesK Mohan26 Jun 2020
9 Benefits of Having an Online Tutor for Your KidsResourcesTony John26 Jun 2020
Children while in home take things lightly as they do not consider the parents as administrators or Forum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt25 Jun 2020
This is a blessing in disguise as children would slowly forget about the outside food and would reliForum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt25 Jun 2020
The shift from school to home for learning has posed many questions in front of the parents. Many ofForum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt25 Jun 2020
You are very right Mohan, in absence of an editor or moderator for this site it would be difficult fForum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt25 Jun 2020
Without interaction this site may drownForumK Mohan25 Jun 2020
Regulars should make the habit of interaction and then only forum would be virant.Forum ResponsesK Mohan24 Jun 2020
Interaction between the members would bring in more topics to be discussed in future.Forum ResponsesK Mohan24 Jun 2020
Now that the children are habituated to home food let that continueForumK Mohan23 Jun 2020
Schools have to call a web meeting of the parents and introduce the teachers and the program they goForum ResponsesK Mohan23 Jun 2020
I am sure that the teachers and the school authorities must also be having some ways to check the trForum ResponsesSharmistha Panda23 Jun 2020
Children not taking online classes seriouslyForumK Mohan22 Jun 2020
How you are managing the home schooling of your child?ForumK Mohan21 Jun 2020
Even the best spider sites of different states were gone to closed levels for not taking action in tForum ResponsesK Mohan21 Jun 2020
Children are exposed to online education, social media and daily dose of news and happenings and thuForum ResponsesK Mohan21 Jun 2020
This is surprising for us as in our times even writing a content after completing graduation was thoForum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt21 Jun 2020
I also feel the need as Mr Mohan has expressed. Some members of ISC have taken some interest in revForum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt21 Jun 2020
Let there be editor appointed forthwithForumK Mohan20 Jun 2020
Small kids ready to write contentsForumK Mohan19 Jun 2020
Nice post from the author. As the children are having good seating arrangement at the classes in theForum ResponsesK Mohan18 Jun 2020
Why does the desk at home is important for children?ForumSrimathi18 Jun 2020
In online education mode now some gadgets like printer are going to be indispensable and would be a Forum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt18 Jun 2020
A good thought by the author. We must guide our kids to work away from screen also. Long time workinForum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt18 Jun 2020
The author made good comparison with the visual memory and muscle memory. It is the fact that in thoForum ResponsesK Mohan17 Jun 2020
Since there are no school going children in our house, we are not bothered about printer. And I alreForum ResponsesK Mohan17 Jun 2020
How many of you bought Printer during this lock down?ForumSrimathi17 Jun 2020
Workbooks reduce screentimeForumSrimathi17 Jun 2020
Hi Sir, I request you to authorize me to post articles in this website. I am active in forum sectioForum ResponsesSrimathi17 Jun 2020
Dora has been the most adorable cartoon character which every kids love and want to emulate all the Resource ResponsesK Mohan16 Jun 2020
This post has been indexed by the Google which has 86,70,000 visitors so far. So good threads gets hForum ResponsesK Mohan16 Jun 2020
Even if one strand goes inside the stomach the child gets into loose motion mode and stopping them wForum ResponsesK Mohan16 Jun 2020
A good advisory by the author. Children are a sensitive lot and can get severe infections from no whForum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt15 Jun 2020
As the pandemic situation is going bad to worse and the doctors do not advice elders and children noForum ResponsesK Mohan15 Jun 2020
Should we give International level education even for pre-primary?ForumK Mohan15 Jun 2020
Do not give fur toys to the infantsForumK Mohan14 Jun 2020
The word game should not be of complex nature. Children should be asked to make words from alphabet Forum ResponsesK Mohan14 Jun 2020
Good ideas Mr Mohan. We can also plan to write about some games which can help children in learning Forum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt13 Jun 2020
The child should visit both side homes and get accustomed with all his cousins so that his future woForum ResponsesK Mohan13 Jun 2020
The so called International schools are hiking the fees in the garb of their best education and the Forum ResponsesK Mohan13 Jun 2020

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