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Thanks for responding and if the permissions were granted the need for verifying the resources thus Forum ResponsesK Mohan29 Sep 2020
I have given Resource posting permission to all those who have requested.Forum ResponsesTony John28 Sep 2020
For the past two months no activity and even the resources posted in the past are not verified and nForum ResponsesK Mohan28 Sep 2020
This is very good article aiming to provide the safety guidelines for the students who are now more Resource ResponsesK Mohan27 Sep 2020
Even this alert message has been taken light and webmaster failed to notice this thread.Forum ResponsesK Mohan26 Sep 2020
This is the English website and it is better the author share the same content in English. It seemsForum ResponsesK Mohan25 Sep 2020
आर्थिक समस्या के कारणForumDeepak Kumar24 Sep 2020
Alert : Log in to this site is taken to other site. ForumK Mohan24 Sep 2020
Four days passed and no response to this post. Online members should visit the forum.Forum ResponsesK Mohan23 Sep 2020
Today I came across a whats app images that one person tried to make animals and other things only tForum ResponsesK Mohan22 Sep 2020
I found some word games very interesting while playing them with children. In one particular game weForum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt21 Sep 2020
After the basic education is completed the students are really confused as to how to go about in choResource ResponsesK Mohan21 Sep 2020
Appreciation to the author for bringing out this article which is very useful to build up the parentResource ResponsesK Mohan20 Sep 2020
How Teachers Can Work with Parents Throughout the COVID-19 PandemicResourcesTony John20 Sep 2020
Appeal to the online members of ISC to visit for 10 minutes to this site and contribute.Forum ResponsesK Mohan19 Sep 2020
Creat newspaper reading habit in your childrenForumK Mohan18 Sep 2020
Please encourage your child to ask many questions and answer them patiently. Parents has to be patieForum ResponsesK Mohan17 Sep 2020
Hi, I have prepared a few Maths worksheets on addition and subtraction. Could you please give me peForum ResponsesSoujanya16 Sep 2020
Two days passed and I was expecting at least one response to this post.Forum ResponsesK Mohan16 Sep 2020
When we play with the children new ideas emerge automatically because our aim is to keep the child hForum ResponsesK Mohan15 Sep 2020
Every girl child must be encouraged to sing or danceForumK Mohan14 Sep 2020
It is always good for the children under the close nurturing of elders around them because the elderForum ResponsesK Mohan13 Sep 2020
I agree with each and every word of yours and try to do the best possible but at the same time I alsForum ResponsesManoj Chaurasia12 Sep 2020
Good suggestions Mohan Sir, will give it a try and also add up some more to keep my daughter engagedForum ResponsesManoj Chaurasia12 Sep 2020
I do agree that children like video format viewing and playing games. But we must keep them away froForum ResponsesK Mohan12 Sep 2020
What I use to play with my children when they were young, that I would give them for words to make aForum ResponsesK Mohan12 Sep 2020
In Tamil there is a great saying that " Adikkira kai dhan anaikum" that means those we beat us alonForum ResponsesK Mohan12 Sep 2020
Why do we get filled with guilt and remorse when we scold our child.ForumManoj Chaurasia11 Sep 2020
Quiz for childrens that are easy and fun.ForumManoj Chaurasia11 Sep 2020
Children love video content and youtube is fulfilling the gap.ForumManoj Chaurasia11 Sep 2020
Writing down things are more important than just plain reading. Rote learning does not stay for longForum ResponsesManoj Chaurasia11 Sep 2020
@Mohan sir, will work on your advice and contribute more fruitfully on ISC.Forum ResponsesManoj Chaurasia11 Sep 2020
@ Sharada, yes we have brought her coloring book and crayons but what we have noticed that she losesForum ResponsesManoj Chaurasia11 Sep 2020
Thanks for the guidance to Mohan Sir and Sharada. We have tried to give her everything from vegetablForum ResponsesManoj Chaurasia11 Sep 2020
Sharada gave good count of information as to what should be the food liking of children at the age oForum ResponsesK Mohan11 Sep 2020
Write and read would make the child remember muchForumK Mohan10 Sep 2020
If you want to earn from ISC, then contribute good articles and also post job postings in that sectiForum ResponsesK Mohan09 Sep 2020
What Sharada shared has given hype to this thread as parent should become a character in front of thForum ResponsesK Mohan09 Sep 2020
1. Children love to colour at the age of three, use crayons and give her printed sheets of shapes. TForum Responsessharada08 Sep 2020
It is not compulsory to send but it is part of acquiring basic knowledge and learning the real-life Forum Responsessharada08 Sep 2020
A three-year-old child is very precise in her choice for a particular vegetable, fruit. The child spForum Responsessharada08 Sep 2020
What we have done to our children that at the age of one itself we started giving the normal rice foForum ResponsesK Mohan08 Sep 2020
What should be a balanced diet for a growing child.ForumManoj Chaurasia08 Sep 2020
Agreed, that we both are working and trying to get rid of liabilities so as to be able to arrange soForum ResponsesManoj Chaurasia08 Sep 2020
Yes, children surprise in unexpected ways and they know very well how to cajole us if ever we get anForum ResponsesManoj Chaurasia08 Sep 2020
I have been alone in this site and yet not lost the hope and now that you joined the appointment of Forum ResponsesK Mohan07 Sep 2020
I second your thoughts and someone must be appointed as editor or those with past experience of workForum ResponsesManoj Chaurasia07 Sep 2020
There has been consistent demand to change our education policy to be Industry friendly and now a thForum ResponsesK Mohan06 Sep 2020
This pandemic has taught much lessons to the working persons either male or female as to tread with Forum ResponsesK Mohan06 Sep 2020
What changes in routine done by working women during this lockdown.ForumManoj Chaurasia06 Sep 2020

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