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If the remainder of 18 divided with 5 multiplied by 61, the resultant solution will be a __________ number.MathematicsMultiplication
The numbers that are divisible by more than two factors are considered as MathematicsMultiplication
If 4! (read as four factorial) is equal to 24, then the value of 7!=MathematicsMultiplication
In a classroom, there are 19 benches in which each bench can accommodate 3 students. The total number of students who can sit in all the 19 benches completely are_________.MathematicsMultiplication
There were 7 cars in the parking lot. Each car had four tires. How many tires were in the parking lot?MathematicsMultiplication
In a garland there are 20 flowers, so there will be ________ flowers in 144 garlands.MathematicsMultiplication
A large box contains 10 small boxes and each small box contains 25 pencils. How many pencils are in the large box? MathematicsMultiplication
A hen gives 4 eggs in a day. How many eggs the hen will give in 2 weeks?MathematicsMultiplication
At a flag hosting event there are 7 troops of 13 scouts in each troop. How many scouts are present for flag hosting ?MathematicsMultiplication
Which answer uses the distributive property to simplify the following? 1 X( 7 + 4 )MathematicsMultiplication
What is the product of: 15 x 10 x 0MathematicsMultiplication
Find the product of: -7P and -8QMathematicsMultiplication
A biscuit company packs 2750 biscuits in each carton. Find the number of biscuits in 15 cartons?MathematicsMultiplication
Thomson bolt manufacturing company packs 1550 bolt in each carton. Find the number of bolts in 8 cartons?MathematicsMultiplication
Raju takes 17 hours to assemble a car. How long does he take to assemble 15 cars?MathematicsMultiplication
Students of a college are taken to the field trip in 13 buses. A bus can accommodate 15 students. If all buses are completely filled, find the number of students participated in a field trip.MathematicsMultiplication
What is the cube of the number 9 ?MathematicsMultiplication
What is the square root of 225 ?MathematicsMultiplication
Suraj goes fishing with Santosh. Suraj catches 3 small fish and 3 big fish. Santosh catches four times as many fish as Suraj. How many fish did Santosh catch?MathematicsMultiplication
There are 8 cars in the garage. Tilak will place new tyres on each car. How many tyres will Tilak need?MathematicsMultiplication
There are 575 sticks in a match box. How many sticks are there in 650 such boxes?MathematicsMultiplication
In a garden, there are 425 roses. There are 725 such gardens in a city. Find the total number of roses in the city.MathematicsMultiplication
In a row there are 465 students. There are 25 rows in a classroom and there are 75 such classrooms. Find the total number of students in the school.MathematicsMultiplication
A truck is carrying 4,325 cartons of apples. If a carton contains 120 apples, find the total number of apples in the truck.MathematicsMultiplication
A factory produces 1,495 articles in a day. How many articles can be produced in 25 months?MathematicsMultiplication
The capacity of a milk can is 7,325 litres. For a particular party 265 such cans are required. Calculate the storage capacity of 265 cans?MathematicsMultiplication
An oil mill produced 814 tons in a day. How many tons will this mill produce in 1 year?MathematicsMultiplication
A carton can hold 49 dozens of mangoes. How many mangoes are there in 865 cartons?MathematicsMultiplication
An examiner can evaluate 565 answer sheets in a day. How many answer sheets can he evaluate in 3 months?MathematicsMultiplication
A data entry operator can compose 8,314 words in a day. How many words will he compose in 4 months?MathematicsMultiplication
In a particular class there are 1,560 students. How many students are there in 255 such classes?MathematicsMultiplication
A wooden rack can hold 1,859 books. How many books can be kept in 459 such racks?MathematicsMultiplication
There are 541 pages in a Mathematics textbook. How many pages are there in 265 such books?MathematicsMultiplication
A bag contains 125 kg wheat. How much wheat will 189 such bags have?MathematicsMultiplication
Siri's classroom has 4 rows of desks. There are 8 desks in each row. How many desks are in the classroom?MathematicsMultiplication
Red Rose High School has 32 children in each of its 13 classes. If each child was given 12 coloured pencils, how many pencils would have to be ordered in total?MathematicsMultiplication
Solve the below problem: Rajesh has 15 bags of toy cars. Each bag has 9 toy cars. How many toy cars does Rajesh have in all?MathematicsMultiplication
Solve the problem: The cost of 1 kg sugar is Rs. 75.25. What is the cost of 15 kg of sugar.MathematicsMultiplication
Solve the problem: There are 158 pages in a book. How many pages are there in 49 such books.MathematicsMultiplication
Solve the problem: In an hour there are 60 minutes. How many minutes are there in 95 hours?MathematicsMultiplication
Solve the problem: A man sells 859 tickets in a cinema hall everyday. Find the number of tickets sold in 365 days.MathematicsMultiplication
Solve the problem: In a country, there are 1589 cities. Each city has 18 Engineering colleges. How many Engineering colleges are there in that particular country?MathematicsMultiplication
Solve the problem: A school has 1465 students. How many students are there in 49 such schools?MathematicsMultiplication
Solve the problem: There are 2675 mangoes on a tree. How many mangoes will there be on 65 such trees?MathematicsMultiplication
Solve the following problem: There are 278 nails in a packet. Find the number of nails in 315 such packets.MathematicsMultiplication
Solve the problem: In a college, there are 1475 students. Each student requires 18 note-books. How many notebooks are needed to fulfill the demand?MathematicsMultiplication
Solve the problem: A factory makes 258 biscuits in a day. How many biscuits can be made in 365 days?MathematicsMultiplication
Solve the following problem: A school has 1215 students. How many students are there in 32 such schools?MathematicsMultiplication
Solve the problem: A lorry can travel 115 km in one hour. How far will it travel in 24 hours?MathematicsMultiplication
Solve the problem: There are 1025 books in a library. How many books are there in 58 such libraries?MathematicsMultiplication

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