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Which one of these inventions did Thomas Edison not discover or help improve?General KnowledgeCelebrities
Ramanujan's name is associated with ________General KnowledgeCelebrities
Who invented the first modern automobile ?General KnowledgeCelebrities
The Indian film Raja Harishchandra that was made in 1913 and received a public screening was directed by General KnowledgeCelebrities
With which of the following classcial dances are Radha and Raja Reddy associated? General KnowledgeCelebrities
The first lady Prime minister in the World was ___________General KnowledgeCelebrities
Which statement is not true about Mother Teresa?General KnowledgeCelebrities
The first woman chief minister of Indian State was __________General KnowledgeCelebrities
Who addressed Gandhiji as 'Father of Nation' for the first time?General KnowledgeCelebrities
Before being elected as US President Barack Obama was Senator from General KnowledgeCelebrities
Who discovered Solar System?General KnowledgeCelebrities
Radar was invented by _________General KnowledgeCelebrities
Who among the following was the pioneer of Yoga?General KnowledgeCelebrities
Name the author of the novel "Without Dreams" General KnowledgeCelebrities
Goodluck Jonathan has been re-elected as President of ____General KnowledgeCelebrities
Telephone was invented by __________General KnowledgeCelebrities
Who is the only lady who has won Nobel Prize for Chemistry twice ?General KnowledgeCelebrities
Who was the first president of America?General KnowledgeCelebrities
Which of the following scientist got two Nobel Prizes one in Physics and another in Chemistry? General KnowledgeCelebrities
Who wrote "The Jungle Book" ?General KnowledgeCelebrities
Who wrote the book "A Christmas Carol" ?General KnowledgeCelebrities
Who wrote the famous book "The Ascent of Everest"?General KnowledgeCelebrities
Harry Potter series is written by _________General KnowledgeCelebrities
"Borlaug" awards are given for outstanding contribution in the field of :General KnowledgeCelebrities
"Television" was invented by ___________General KnowledgeCelebrities
Typewriter was invented by General KnowledgeCelebrities
The original epic of 'Mahabharata' was written by---------. General KnowledgeCelebrities
Yuri Gagarin, the first man to walk in the space, belongs to which country?General KnowledgeCelebrities
Rabindranath Tagore developed the concept of ______________General KnowledgeCelebrities
A person's story written by himself is known as ---------.General KnowledgeCelebrities
Name the author who created the fiction character 'Tarzan'?General KnowledgeCelebrities
Who wrote the book "Alice's Adventure in Wonderland" ?General KnowledgeCelebrities
Name the author who wrote the book 'Invisible Man'?General KnowledgeCelebrities
After which famous person was the teddy bear named ?General KnowledgeCelebrities
Who wrote the book "Mother India" ?General KnowledgeCelebrities
The "Solar System" was discovered by:General KnowledgeCelebrities
"Penicillin" was invented by _____ General KnowledgeCelebrities
"Logarithms" invented by:General KnowledgeCelebrities
Who is the author of the book " Post Office " ?General KnowledgeCelebrities
Which Indian Cricketer wax statue was unveiled at Madame Tussauds museum in London?General KnowledgeCelebrities
Who wrote " Pride and Prejudice " ?General KnowledgeCelebrities
Who is the Father of Economics ?General KnowledgeCelebrities
The original epic 'Ramayana' was written byGeneral KnowledgeCelebrities
Most popular and first modern English dictionary was written byGeneral KnowledgeCelebrities
Which Indian President is also called the 'Missile Man'?General KnowledgeCelebrities

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