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Which of the following measures the speed and the direction that an object travels?SciencePhysics
Coal is formed due to the process of ______________SciencePhysics
The space inside the container that is occupied by matter is known as its ____________SciencePhysics
_______ is a physical quantity which expresses the amount of matter in a body.SciencePhysics
Name the instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure?SciencePhysics
______ is the type of weathering in which rock is physically broken into smaller pieces. SciencePhysics
In which of the following way heat can be transferred quickly?SciencePhysics
Which one of the following material is not attracted by magnet?SciencePhysics
In the below animals which having most audible capacity?SciencePhysics
One pound is equal to how much __________ kilograms.SciencePhysics
One foot is equal to how much___________ meters.SciencePhysics
Which unit is used to measure the intensity of Sound ? SciencePhysics
The scientific instrument 'barometer' is used to measure which of the following physical quantity?SciencePhysics
An insulated wire wrapped around a piece of iron through which current is passed is called a / an ____________ . SciencePhysics
The mean distance of sun from the earth is called ________SciencePhysics
The unit of sound is __________SciencePhysics
Process of changing a liquid into gas is called a ___________SciencePhysics
If a person kicks a stone, he is hurt. This happens due to -SciencePhysics
X-rays were discovered by-SciencePhysics
A dynamo is a device which-SciencePhysics
Corrosion of copper vessels results in _________ colored layer.SciencePhysics
Which of the following is a good conductor of heat and electricity ?SciencePhysics
Purity of milk is measured by ______________.SciencePhysics
The element used for making solar cells is __________SciencePhysics
Heat radiations can even pass through _______.SciencePhysics
An object starts from rest and covers a distance of 250m in 10 seconds. What is the acceleration produced? SciencePhysics
Assume that a object is freely falling from a maximum height. What is the final velocity of the body?SciencePhysics
If there is a change in the position of any object in a particular direction, it is called as_____________SciencePhysics
______________ consists of two plates separated by a dielectric and can store a charge.SciencePhysics
Which of the following scientists has discovered the "Theory of relativity"?SciencePhysics
Which of the following branches of science deals with the study of sounds?SciencePhysics
Name the instrument used to measure wind velocity?SciencePhysics
Which of the following statements is true about fuse which is used as a safety device in mains of electric supply?SciencePhysics
Liquids and Gases expand as the temperature ___________SciencePhysics
Following are the examples of temperature scales except ______SciencePhysics
What is defined as the change in velocity over time?SciencePhysics
Lactometer is used for measuring ___________SciencePhysics
What type of lens is used to correct farsighted vision ?SciencePhysics
Which of the following is a semi-conductor?SciencePhysics
Which of the following waves are used to locate ships and aero planes?SciencePhysics
Which of the following electronic device convert alternating current(AC)into direct current(DC)?SciencePhysics
Which of the following instrument will be used to measure tremors caused by earth quake?SciencePhysics
Name the unit of sound intensity level?SciencePhysics
What is the half-life period of stable isotope of 226 Radium?SciencePhysics
Which of the following phenomenon results in the release of radiant energy from Sun?SciencePhysics
What do you call a photograph of an X-ray?SciencePhysics
Through which of the following X-rays cannot pass through?SciencePhysics
Which of the following are X-rays?SciencePhysics
Who discovered X-rays?SciencePhysics
In which of the following rays you will find mesons?SciencePhysics

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