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A cube shaped box has a side of 0.2m. At the rate of Rs.25 per sq m, What will be the cost of painting all side of this box?MathematicsBrain Twisters
Max is setting out some snacks for friends. He has 100wafers and 25 slices of cheese. If he wants each plate to be identical, with no food left over, what is the greatest number of plates Max can prepare?MathematicsBrain Twisters
In 36 days, 3 boys can eat 48 apples. In how many days can 9 boys eat 36 apples?MathematicsBrain Twisters
Find the missing number 17, 37, ________, 157, 317, 637.MathematicsBrain Twisters
Find the missing number 235, 265, __________, 355, 415MathematicsBrain Twisters
4, 5, 9 , 14, _________, 37, 60, 97MathematicsBrain Twisters
There are 10 true - false questions in an examination. Then these questions can be answered in,MathematicsBrain Twisters
Mahesh is taller than Ramesh. Suresh is shorter than Ramesh. Mahesh is 47 inches tall. Suresh is 42 inches tall. How tall could Ramesh be?MathematicsBrain Twisters
Find the missing number in the series 50,10,5,48,12,4,9,3,________MathematicsBrain Twisters
Find the missing number in the series 756,752,748,__________MathematicsBrain Twisters
Find the missing number in the series. 1,8,27,64,125,_______MathematicsBrain Twisters
Find the missing number in the series 1,1,2,4,3,9,4,16,5,________ MathematicsBrain Twisters
Arjun is twice as old as Shriya. Five years ago his age was three times Shriya’s age. Find their present ages. MathematicsBrain Twisters
Raju’s father’s age is 5 years more than three times Raju’s age. Find Raju’s age, if his father is 44 years old. MathematicsBrain Twisters
Use each of digits 3, 0, 9 to make smallest and the biggest possible three digit numbers. Now find the difference between the two numbers. MathematicsBrain Twisters
A train travels 20 km/hr. How many metres will it travel in 15 minutes?MathematicsBrain Twisters
A man plants his orchid with 7225 trees and arranges them so that there are as many rows as there are trees in a row. How many rows are there? MathematicsBrain Twisters
How much water a cuboid shaped tank of length 8m, breadth 3m and height 5m hold?MathematicsBrain Twisters
When malik sold a car for Rs. 3,30,000. He made a profit 10%. For how much much had he bought the car?MathematicsBrain Twisters
There is a 15m.rope running from the top of a flagpole to a hook into the ground. The hook is 5m.from its base. What is the height of the flagpole?MathematicsBrain Twisters
Three cocks and two hens weigh 40 kg. Four cocks and three hens weigh 55kg. All cocks weigh the same and all hens weigh the same. What is the weight of each cock and each hen?MathematicsBrain Twisters
A sweetseller has 500 kaju sweets and 200 badam sweets. He wants to stack them in such a way that each stack has the same number, and they take up the least area of the tray. What is the maximum number of sweets that can be placed in each stack for this purpose? MathematicsBrain Twisters
In the number 6 * * 3, same digit occurs in place of * sign. The difference between their place values is 450. Find the original number ?MathematicsBrain Twisters
Find the lowest number when the sum of two numbers is 26 and difference is 4.MathematicsBrain Twisters
The average of 3 numbers is 7, that of first two is 4. Then find out the third number ?MathematicsBrain Twisters
25% of two-third of a number is 10. Then find out the number ?MathematicsBrain Twisters
95% of students were present in a school and 18 students were absent. Then the total number of students is :MathematicsBrain Twisters
The sum of 4 consecutive numbers is 94. Then find the 3rd number.MathematicsBrain Twisters
One-half of a number is 17 more than one third of the number. Then what is that number ?MathematicsBrain Twisters
The average of ten girls score is 14. Another two more girls score included, then the new average is 16. What is the average of two addition girl score ? MathematicsBrain Twisters
If W =[ 15y/y+12 ] and y=7, then find the value of W correct to two decimal places.MathematicsBrain Twisters
If 35 men can do a piece of building work in 24 days, in how many days will 15 men do it ?MathematicsBrain Twisters
10, 20, 22, 44, 46, 92, __ , __ What comes next?MathematicsBrain Twisters
0, 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 16,__ What number should come next?MathematicsBrain Twisters
Solve the teasers:MathematicsBrain Twisters
Solve the teasers. A woodcutter took 16 minutes to make 4 pieces of a block of wood. How much time would be needed to make 5 such pieces? MathematicsBrain Twisters
Solve the number riddles: Add four to five times a number, To get exactly fifty four!MathematicsBrain Twisters
Solve the number riddles: Add four to six times a number, To get exactly sixty four!MathematicsBrain Twisters
Tell me who I am! Who I am! divide it with number 3 and you will get the number 4. MathematicsBrain Twisters
Tell me who I am! Who I am! Take away from me the number eight, divide it with number 3 and you will get the number 4. MathematicsBrain Twisters
Tell me who I am! Who I am! Take away from me the number eight, and you will get the number 12. MathematicsBrain Twisters
By drawing minimum lines in a hexagon how many maximum similar triangles can be drawn ?MathematicsBrain Twisters
What is half of 4 + 2MathematicsBrain Twisters
How many ways can you get 8 by using the numbers - 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8MathematicsBrain Twisters
There is a snail at the bottom of a well which is 25 meters deep. The snail advances three meters in a day. The snail slides back two meters during night times. How many days will it take to reach the top of the well?MathematicsBrain Twisters
Divide 30 by 1/2 and add 10. What do you get?MathematicsBrain Twisters
I am the owner of a pet store (parrots). If I put in one parrot per cage, I have one bird left out. If I put in two parrots per cage, I have one cage left out. How many cages and parrots do I have? MathematicsBrain Twisters
Mr.Sam, Mr.Peter and Ms.Mary are three children in a family. Mary is three times Peter's age. In two years she will be twice the age Sam will have at that time. Sam is one year older than Peter. What are their present ages?MathematicsBrain Twisters
The SUM of my age and my son's age is 55 years. 5 years ago my son was 29 years younger than me. What is my son's present age?MathematicsBrain Twisters
It takes Raju 2 hours to complete a work. And it takes Rajesh 4 hours to complete the same work. How much time does it take to complete the work if they work together?MathematicsBrain Twisters

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