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________ in the chest protect important internal organs such as lungs & the heart.ScienceHuman Body
__________ rays are used for the surgery of the eyes.ScienceHuman Body
Which of the following organs is not inside the body?ScienceHuman Body
Which of the following instrument is used for listening to the heart beat while measuring the blood pressure?ScienceHuman Body
What controls the rate of chemical reactions in your body?ScienceHuman Body
How many beats per minute should a new born child's heart beat? ScienceHuman Body
Proteins are large biological molecules that are made of ________ acids linked into linear chains, called polypeptide chains.ScienceHuman Body
Red blood cells have a perfect shape for absorbing and releasing oxygen. They are full of an iron containing protein called _____________ScienceHuman Body
There are approximately ____________ red blood cells per cubic millimetre of blood.ScienceHuman Body
What is the full-form of DNA?ScienceHuman Body
Which of the following parts of the eye change the light rays into electrical signals?ScienceHuman Body
Which of the following gland is known as the master gland?ScienceHuman Body
Which of the following parts of human body survive for a longer period?ScienceHuman Body
The Cells which are responsible for the production of antibodies are known as __________ScienceHuman Body
The average length of the small intestine in an adult human male is ___________ScienceHuman Body
__________ is the longest thin muscle in the human body, that runs down the length of the thigh and descends as far as the medial side of the knee.ScienceHuman Body
In Typhoid, which part of the body is affected?ScienceHuman Body
Which branch of science is related to the study of blood, the blood-forming organs, and blood diseases ? ScienceHuman Body
Which one of the following organs excretes water, fat and various catabolic wastes?ScienceHuman Body
The vessels that carry blood towards the heart are called ________ScienceHuman Body
Insufficient supply of blood in human body is referred as-ScienceHuman Body
If the radius of the blood vessels of a person decreases, his/her blood pressure will-ScienceHuman Body
Which cell organelle is known as the "cellular power plants" ScienceHuman Body
What is name of the valve that is on the right side of the heart? ScienceHuman Body
How many vertebrae does a human being have ?ScienceHuman Body
The limb bones of the child become bent if there is deficiency of -ScienceHuman Body
Besides carbohydrates, the major source of energy in our food is constituted by-ScienceHuman Body
In digestion, proteins are converted into ___________ScienceHuman Body
How many blood cells does the bone marrow produce every second?ScienceHuman Body
Dehydration in human body is caused due to loss of _______ScienceHuman Body
What is the covering that protects the human brain called ?ScienceHuman Body
Which of the following is used for wrapping of fractured bones?ScienceHuman Body
Which bone in the human body does not meet another bone in the body ?ScienceHuman Body
Which constituent of human body is responsible for blood clotting ?ScienceHuman Body
How many bones are there in the ear of a human?ScienceHuman Body
How is the voice box of the humans known scientifically?ScienceHuman Body
What are the protective layers present between the skull bone and the brain calledScienceHuman Body
Which part or organ of our body produces red blood corpuscels or the RBCs?ScienceHuman Body
"Odontology" is a branch of Biology which deals with the study of -------. ScienceHuman Body
How many pairs of bones are there in the rib cage?ScienceHuman Body
Which is the biggest bone in human body?ScienceHuman Body
Which is the smallest bone in the human body?ScienceHuman Body
Which of the following are vital process/processes in a human body that work together to form a bodily activity ?ScienceHuman Body
The bones used to protect our spinal cord are called ________ScienceHuman Body
________ is the main mineral in our skeletal systemScienceHuman Body
Which of the following cells of human body are without a nucleus at maturity?ScienceHuman Body
How many pairs of spinal nerves are present in human body?ScienceHuman Body
The study of the immune system of the human body is called ________ScienceHuman Body
Which of the following organ(s) in human body has the ability to regenerate if it gets damaged ? ScienceHuman Body
Out of the following which is not a correct blood group type ?ScienceHuman Body

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