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Intial price of a product was Rs.20 but it is increased by a value of 30% to the original. What is the final price of the product at present?MathematicsMoney
To make 2 rupees we need ________, 50 p coins.MathematicsMoney
Two persons A and B bought 15 meters of same cloth from different shops. 1 meter of cloth by person A costs - 30 Rs. 1000 centimeters of cloth by person B costs - 295 Rs. Which among the two persons had got the cloth cheaply?MathematicsMoney
Joey,Jack and Max went to watch the magic show. Each ticket costs $4. What was the total cost of the tickets?MathematicsMoney
Which of the following is popularly referred as "Plastic Money" ?MathematicsMoney
Jack needs money to buy a new shoes that cost $50.50. He has $30.50. How much money does he need to buy a new shoes?MathematicsMoney
If $19 divided among Max, Sam and Jony so that Sam has one doller more than Max and Jony has $5 more than sam. How much money does Max have ? MathematicsMoney
A Fruit seller bought 144 apples at Rs 120 per dozen. If he sold them all at Rs 30 each. How much will be his total profit or loss ?MathematicsMoney
A and B start business with Rs 6000 and Rs 8000 respectively. How should they share their profits at the end of one year?MathematicsMoney
The following items were purchased by George. 4 matchboxes at $ 2.50 per box 8 bathing soaps at $ 15 per soap 3 packets of milk powder at $ 85.60 per packet 5 kg of sugar at $ 27.00 per kg and 10 kg of wheat at $ 8.30 per kg. How much money does he pay a the billing counter?MathematicsMoney
2 kg of mangoes cost $ 80. How much will 7 kg cost?MathematicsMoney
Anna bought a frock for $ 325 and a pair of sandals for $ 420. If she pays the shopkeeper $ 1000, how much balance will she get?MathematicsMoney
Mrs. George bought 15 l of cooking oil. She paid $ 975. How much will 1 l of oil cost her?MathematicsMoney
A fruit vendor sold 48 mangoes for $ 912. What is the price of one mango?MathematicsMoney
The cost of a cheese packet is $ 15.75. What is the cost of 9 packets?MathematicsMoney
One egg costs $ 3.45. What is the cost of 19 such eggs?MathematicsMoney
If the cost of 1 frock is $ 615.25, what is the cost of 6 such frocks?MathematicsMoney
Kites recharges his mobile phone every month for $360.75, in a particular month, after 2 weeks, he has $179.60 as balance. Find the money spent in that month.MathematicsMoney
Johnny bought a gift for his mother for $ 729.98. If he paid only $ 430.96, how much money did he still owe to the shopkeeper?MathematicsMoney
Willy had $ 50.75. He spent $ 25.95 on ice cream. How much money is left with him?MathematicsMoney
Mary bought a packet of solid food for $ 45.42, a feeding bottle for $ 45.70 and a ball for $ 19.75 for her baby. What amount did she spend in all?MathematicsMoney
Three friends contributed $ 125.25, $ 175.45 and $ 359.99 to pay the school fees of a poor student. What is the total amount contributed by them?MathematicsMoney
On his birthday, James bought a pair of jeans for $ 250.96, a pen for $ 75.45 and a cap for $ 159.63. How much money did he spend?MathematicsMoney
The teacher collected $ 45.56 from each student of Class IX to organise a farewell party for Class X students. If there were 29 students in Class IX, what was the total amount collected?MathematicsMoney
John's mother gave him $ 225.69 for the school fair. If he spent $ 196.82, how much is still left with him?MathematicsMoney
On Amy's birthday, she got $ 57.60 from her mother, $ 101.95 from her father and $ 501.25 from her grandmother. How much money did she get in all?MathematicsMoney
If 7 books cost $ 597.80, find the cost of a single book.MathematicsMoney
Grandma gives you Rs.1 to put in piggy bank everyday in January. In February you are very naughty so she gives only 50 Paise each day. In march she stops giving you money as you are not studying well. How much money you have gathered in your Piggy Bank? MathematicsMoney
Ms.Dora works for $9.60 per hour for eight hours each day on thursday and friday. On saturday she works for $14.4 per hour for six hours.How much does Ms.Dora earn in total for thursday, friday and saturday ? MathematicsMoney
Rs. 120 is collected from 8 houses as maintenance charge in an apartment. Find the maintenance charge per house.MathematicsMoney
Shammu collects 60 coins and equally distributes it in 4 boxes. Find the number of coins in each box.MathematicsMoney
Bharat buys three pair of shoes for Rs. 90. What is the cost of each pair of shoe?MathematicsMoney
Mr. Wilson donates Rs. 3,599 by check for Haiti relief fund. The amount in his account is Rs. 108,458. What will be the balance in his account once the check is released? MathematicsMoney
Charlie buys a Rolls Royce car for Rs. 26,086. The estimated value of the car after 5 years is Rs. 15,990. If she sells the car after 5 years, by how much less would she sell?MathematicsMoney
Swapna withdrew Rs. 6789 from her account. The initial amount in her account is Rs. 8790. Find the balance left after the withdrawal.MathematicsMoney
Sanjay borrows Rs. 45 from Suraj. If Suraj has Rs. 89 before giving Sanjay, how much does he have now?MathematicsMoney
Joe has Rs. 7. She gives Rs. 4 to Dona. How much money does she left with?MathematicsMoney
Cost of each book is Rs. 3. What is the cost of 6 books? MathematicsMoney
Soma receives Rs. 1525 as a scholarship in a year. How much does he receive as scholarship in 3 years?MathematicsMoney
There are 6 adult members in Mohan's family and plan to make a holiday trip to London. It costs $1236 for adult from John Kennedy airport, New York to City airport, London. What will be total air fare it costs to Mohan?MathematicsMoney
Suraj buys brand new car by paying certain amount in cash and rest of the amount in loan. He pays Rs.197 as monthly installment for 3 years. Find the total amount paid as monthly installment after 3 years.MathematicsMoney
In a dog show, 35 dogs are participated. Participation fee for each dog is Rs. 97. Find the amount collected from participation fee.MathematicsMoney
Karuna goes out to lunch with Maya and Fatima. Each girl orders the Rs. 70 lunch special. Karuna agrees to pay the bill. How much will she have to pay?MathematicsMoney
Joseph has 7 five-rupee notes. He wants to buy a baseball bat that costs Rs. 38. a. How much money does he have? b. Does he have enough money to buy the baseball bat?MathematicsMoney
Geeta spent Rs. 250 to purchase a handbag and Rs.600 to purchase a dress material. She gave the shopkeeper a 1000- rupee note. How much money did she get back?MathematicsMoney
The total cost of 15 biscuit packets is Rs. 375. What is the cost of 1 biscuit packet?MathematicsMoney
Kiran earns Rs. 1050 in 2 weeks. How much does he earn per day?MathematicsMoney
The cost of a car is Rs. 1,65,282. The cost of a motorcycle is Rs. 65,789. How much more costly is the car than the motorcycle?MathematicsMoney
Gary bough a dozen notebooks for Rs. 219. What is the price of 1 notebook?MathematicsMoney
Ravi's bicycle costs Rs. 885.75. Find the cost of 15 such bicycles.MathematicsMoney

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