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Fill the blank with a suitable article,EnglishGeneral English
Write proper helping verb. My sister ____ ill, so she can`t go to school today.EnglishGeneral English
Fill in the blank choosing the correct verb form from the bracket. The sun _____________ ( shine, shines, shining ) during the day. EnglishGeneral English
The train_______ before I went to the railway station.EnglishGeneral English
Walk fast _____ we will miss the train. Choose the suitable conjuction from the following.EnglishGeneral English
The Rajputs fought bravely. What is the adverb in this sentence?EnglishGeneral English
My mother agreed ____ bake a cake for me.EnglishGeneral English
Simran had _______ (break) all the eggs needed to make a gravy.EnglishGeneral English
We have got a personal loan from bank, which is to be ________ in the next two years.EnglishGeneral English
It is not the best job opportunity, but I think things will _______ out in the long run.EnglishGeneral English
The sun gives us light and keeps us ________( Choose proper option)EnglishGeneral English
The man is sitting ___ the Horse.( Fill in the blank with preposition)EnglishGeneral English
Are you fond of Gujarati dishes? ( State the kind of sentence)EnglishGeneral English
The Restaurant is just ________ the corner.EnglishGeneral English
Did you _________ the Cricket match last night ?EnglishGeneral English
The boy waves furiously at the passing train. The word 'Furiously' come under which category of parts of speechEnglishGeneral English
He took care of her _______ she was restored to health. EnglishGeneral English
His __________ to do the work was quite shocking for the Boss (refuse)EnglishGeneral English
Rekha was _______ when she got the promotion in her job. She had been waiting for this moment for years. EnglishGeneral English
Professor David is such a great speaker that no student wants to bunk his ________ .EnglishGeneral English
What time is his ________ fixed with the doctor ? (appoint) EnglishGeneral English
Sam wants to ________ his birthday cake first because his friends are waiting for him to do so.EnglishGeneral English
This shop sells the ________ and branded glasses in this area, so you will be able to have a good choiceEnglishGeneral English
The School bus ______________ at 7:00 AM, so don't be late otherwise we will leave for the picnic.EnglishGeneral English
Have you ever ________ the pages of your book ?EnglishGeneral English
I am frightened of Reptiles because they are dangerous and they look so __________ EnglishGeneral English
If the day before yesterday falls on Tuesday, which day will be day after tomorrow?EnglishGeneral English
In English, words are divided in to different categories under the name "Parts of Speech", how many kinds of Parts of Speech are present? EnglishGeneral English
How many consonants are present in English language?EnglishGeneral English
Who among the following is popularly known as the 'Bard of Avon'?EnglishGeneral English
Achluophobia is fear of _________EnglishGeneral English
Use suitable phrase. Mothers ______ the home.EnglishGeneral English
Find the verb in the sentence: The puppy chases his ball.EnglishGeneral English
Fill in the blank with suitable interjection: _______ ! Daddy has brought the toys.EnglishGeneral English
State the kind of sentence: The earth is round. EnglishGeneral English
I shall stay here untill you return from shop. In this sentence the conjunction is: EnglishGeneral English
The women told us stories at night. Pick out the singular noun from the above sentenceEnglishGeneral English
The plural of knife is :EnglishGeneral English
The young one of a duck is called EnglishGeneral English
The young of a dog is known as a EnglishGeneral English
Which article will you use before this word? _____ Taj Mahal is in Agra.EnglishGeneral English
Which article will you use before this word? ____ eagle can fly high up in the sky.EnglishGeneral English
Which article will you use before this word? ___ EggEnglishGeneral English
The __________dress is made of silk.EnglishGeneral English
Scarcely had I solved one problem _________a fresh one cropped up.EnglishGeneral English
Having prepared well for her exams she is confident _________coming out with flying colours.EnglishGeneral English
Having recovered _____________ his illness, he resumed duty.EnglishGeneral English
___________the British are great tea drinkers, the Americans love coffee.EnglishGeneral English
Fill in the blank with the correct word. _______________he is wealthy and famous,he is a very unassuming person.EnglishGeneral English
Dont forget to carry _________umbrella for it is likely to rain.EnglishGeneral English

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