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On which river is the Bhakra Nangal Dam built?GeographyIndian Geography
It takes the earth 365 and 1/4 days to complete one revolution around the sun. So that, we have one extra day every 4 years which is called a ________ year.GeographyIndian Geography
The earth is called the ______________ because a large part of it covered with water, which gives it a blue appearance.GeographyIndian Geography
Which state in India is known as 'Land of Rising Sun'?GeographyIndian Geography
Which sub-continental region is known as "Tear drop of India".GeographyIndian Geography
The country of India is considered to be a __________.GeographyIndian Geography
When the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, And so the the Moon fully or partially covers the Sun is called as ___________ eclipseGeographyIndian Geography
In 2006, the International Astronomical Union decided that pluto was too small to be called a planet. Hence, they decided to call it _______ planet.GeographyIndian Geography
A group of thousands of stars is known as a ______GeographyIndian Geography
Each planet revolves around the sun, it follows a difinite oval path. This path of a planet is called its _________GeographyIndian Geography
The Sun is over _________ times larger than earth. GeographyIndian Geography
In India Agriculture the ________ season commences from July to October GeographyIndian Geography
The ocean present beneath the country of India is,GeographyIndian Geography
________ is the second biggest planet in our solar system which is famous for its beautiful rings.GeographyIndian Geography
The western ghats in Maharashtra are known as _________ ?GeographyIndian Geography
Which among the following is the oldest Mountain range of India ?GeographyIndian Geography
A small prepared picture with accurate measurements of the earth or a particular region of the earth is _____GeographyIndian Geography
A special instrument, which helps the travellers to find the direction of a place is ______GeographyIndian Geography
In India, which of the following states has the longest coastline?GeographyIndian Geography
In India, the Tehri dam is built on which of the following river?GeographyIndian Geography
Which of these Indian hill stations is also the capital of a State?GeographyIndian Geography
Which among the following is the 22nd State of Indian Union ?GeographyIndian Geography
Which river flows from east to west between Vindhya and Satpura ranges in India ?GeographyIndian Geography
Shining bodies in the sky which do not twinkle are called _____ .GeographyIndian Geography
The differences in the height and slope of the land gives rise to different land shapes. They are called _______ .GeographyIndian Geography
How many months a year divided into?GeographyIndian Geography
The earth takes about 365 days to complete one round or revolution around the sun. This is what we call a _____GeographyIndian Geography
Small heavenly bodies revolving around the planets are called:GeographyIndian Geography
Which is the deepest point in the Indian Ocean?GeographyIndian Geography
Which of the following state is the smallest state in India in area?GeographyIndian Geography
Name the state of India where Silent Valley National Park is situated?GeographyIndian Geography
Name the project constructed on Narmada river in India?GeographyIndian Geography
Name the state of India in which Bodh Gaya is located?GeographyIndian Geography
On account of its numerous temples, which city is also known as the 'Cathedral City of India' ?GeographyIndian Geography
Which Indian state is the largest producer of tobacco ?GeographyIndian Geography
What is the name of the Strait between India and Sri Lanka ? GeographyIndian Geography
Which of the following type of clouds give real and heavy rains?GeographyIndian Geography
Which state is known as India's Spice Garden ?GeographyIndian Geography
Which city is the "Commercial capital" of India ?GeographyIndian Geography
Which Indian state has the longest coastline ?GeographyIndian Geography
Which State has the largest number of districts in India?GeographyIndian Geography
The oldest mountains in India are :GeographyIndian Geography
The state having a largest area of forest cover in India is:GeographyIndian Geography
Jaipur is also known as the ____________GeographyIndian Geography
Which one of the following is the First National park of India ?GeographyIndian Geography
India is located to the ________ of the equator GeographyIndian Geography
The Earth rotates fromGeographyIndian Geography
The spinning of the earth on its axis is calledGeographyIndian Geography
Which is the most densely populated state in India?GeographyIndian Geography
What is the capital of the state Assam in India?GeographyIndian Geography

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