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The word which means the same as live is:EnglishSynonyms
__________ is a small magnetic disc which is enclosed in a plastic cover that is used to store data for a microcomputer.Computers & Information TechnologyHardware
Which verb is not a type of walking?EnglishGeneral English
The formula of (a+b)² is equivalent to,MathematicsGeneral Maths
The average temperature of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was 60⁰C. The average temperature of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was 65⁰C. The temperature on Thursday was 60⁰C. Find the temperature of Monday?MathematicsGeneral Maths
What is proper noun in the following sentence? Mohan is reading a newspaper.EnglishNouns
How many even numbers between 1 and 100?MathematicsGeneral Maths
The hare can run very fast. Identify the common noun in this sentence.EnglishNouns
The sum of three consecutive multiples of 4 is 60, then find the least of the three numbers?MathematicsGeneral Maths
The white protective layer of the eye in the outer wall is called the _________ ScienceHuman Body
Which of the following values of ‘x’ will satisfy the inequality x² + 3x + 2 < 0 MathematicsGeneral Maths
The average of four consecutive even numbers is 27. Find the largest of these numbers. MathematicsGeneral Maths
The sum of two numbers is 15 and the sum of their squares is 113. Find the numbers.MathematicsGeneral Maths
Gary loved his flute. He played it all day and _____EnglishOpposites
The secret code that gives you access to some programs is Computers & Information TechnologyPractice Test questions
The minute hand does____ rounds of the clock face in one day.MathematicsBrain Twisters
If 'P' denotes '/'; 'R' denotes '+'; 'T' denotes '-'; 'V' denotes '*' then 12 V 5 R 16 P 4 T 8 = ?MathematicsGeneral Maths
What is 40% of 25% of 3/5th of 9800?MathematicsGeneral Maths
How many chambers are there in the human heart ?ScienceHuman Body
The ______ repairs taps in our houses.(He is community helper)Brain TeasersGeneral
We get more fresh air when we play ________General KnowledgeNature
Which of the following is called a Red Planet?General KnowledgeNature
I _____ finished it. EnglishGeneral English
Which of the following is the largest level of organization of life?ScienceBiology
To the South America, North America is present in the _________ direction.GeographyRegions of the World
Air pressure is measured with an instrument called a _________SciencePhysics
One horsepower is equal to how much __________ kilowattsSciencePhysics
One gallon is equal to how much _________ liters.SciencePhysics
The scientific instrument 'bolometer' is used to measure which of the following physical quantity?ScienceGeneral Science
Joey`s mother gave him $30. He bought a book for $5 and a notebook for $7. How much did Joey spend in all?MathematicsMoney
When does heart rest?ScienceBiology
Insufficient supply in human body is referred as-ScienceHuman Body
Pick out the adjective: Once there was a cunning jackal.EnglishAdjectives
In a box there are 12 pens.So, there will be _____ pens in 70 boxes.MathematicsMultiplication
It is dark after sunset up to the next sunrise. This period is called ______ .GeographyIndian Geography
Which of the following animal that live in cracks in stones? ScienceGeneral Science
Meena gets Rs.70 every week.So,she gets Rs.__ for each day.MathematicsMoney
There are __ bananas in 4 dozens.MathematicsGeneral Maths
What is the time in London if the time in India at present is 10:45 pm?MathematicsTime
There is a water tanker of capacity 10,000 liters. How many buckets of capacity 25 liters can be filled through this tanker?MathematicsDivision
The 'C' programming language was developed by-Computers & Information TechnologySoftware
The sun shines ____ the sky.EnglishGeneral English
Who is thought of as the main contributor towards the framing of the constitution of India?HistoryIndian History
Cell - the fundamental structural and functional unit of life is discovered byScienceBiology
What is the decimal equivalent of 11011?Computers & Information TechnologyPractice Test questions
In order to save an existing word document with a different name, you need to-Computers & Information TechnologyMicrosoft Word
The profit that Ramratan made on each day of the week by selling crockries are Rs.100,Rs.160, Rs.200, Rs.150,Rs.133,Rs.190,Rs.180. What is his average daily profit?MathematicsGeneral Maths
Which of the following form the bulk of the coconut fruit which is edible?ScienceBiology
Eden Garden (Kolkata) is associated with __________General KnowledgeSports
Per Capita Income is obtained by dividing National Income by ____________General KnowledgeLarge & Big

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