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Which of the following alloys is used for making magnets?SciencePhysics
Which is the only metal that exists in liquid form at normal room temperature ?SciencePhysics
Steering of a car involves SciencePhysics
The concentration of acid in batteries is measured by using ___________SciencePhysics
Whcih of the following does not come under the category of electromagnetic radiation?SciencePhysics
"Deuterium oxide" is known as :SciencePhysics
The distance between two stars is measured by the units of ____________SciencePhysics
If your weigh 60kg on Earth then how much your weight could be on Moon ?SciencePhysics
In electric heaters copper is not used because :SciencePhysics
On a clear, calm day, as the temparature decreases, the relative humidity _______________SciencePhysics
Why a small gap is left between the joints of rails ?SciencePhysics
A small weight put on a pressure cooker increases the pressure of the steam because :SciencePhysics
____________ is a unit of electric current.SciencePhysics
A person climbing the hill bends forward in order to :SciencePhysics
Electron-volt is the unit for _____SciencePhysics
Which of the following is not a matter?SciencePhysics
A mirage is formed due to ------------.SciencePhysics
How many refracting surfaces are there in a prism?SciencePhysics
In which of the following refractive index is highest?SciencePhysics
What do you call the bending of a ray of light as it passes from one medium to another?SciencePhysics
What is the acceleration of a body which is travelling in a upward direction?SciencePhysics
Which of the following is a scalar Quantity?SciencePhysics
Which of the following is a vector quantity?SciencePhysics
What type of waves are used in sonography?SciencePhysics
The weight of an object will be zero when the object is --------.SciencePhysics
Which of the following will expand most?SciencePhysics
The word 'kinematics' is related to -------.SciencePhysics
To measure the rate of flow of electric current --------- is used.SciencePhysics
Which is the best conductor of heat of the following?SciencePhysics
______________ Substance is a bad conductor of electricity and a good conductor of heat. SciencePhysics
The term humidity is related to --------- of the atmosphere.SciencePhysics
What is the phenomenon involved in drying of a wet cloth?SciencePhysics
Which Physicist founded the science of Electro-Magnetism ?SciencePhysics
Which of the following is a second order lever?SciencePhysics
In the following two which has more velocity? a. Sound b. LightSciencePhysics
What is the velocity of light?SciencePhysics
What is the distance traveled by a body in one second called?SciencePhysics
Which of the following sound sources would produce the LOUDEST SOUND? SciencePhysics

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