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Which of the following is a double membraned cell organelle?ScienceBiology
Which of the following digestive juice has no enzyme present in it?ScienceBiology
How many cells are formed if a cell undergoes meiotic cell division?ScienceBiology
Name the cell division by which gametes or sex cells are formed in organisms?ScienceBiology
Name the country from which Gold Fish originated?ScienceBiology
Name the term used to describe the under surface of an animal?ScienceBiology
How many cells are formed, if a single cell undergo mitotic cell division?ScienceBiology
Animals with an internal skeleton made of bone are called ________. ScienceBiology
Which is the weakest sense of birds?ScienceBiology
What do you call the summer sleep of an animal?ScienceBiology
What do you call the winter sleep of an animal?ScienceBiology
What do you call the adult stage of an insect?ScienceBiology
Deficiency of which hormone in our body causes Diabetes insipidus (Water diabetes)?ScienceBiology
What do you call the number of births per thousand of the population in a specified area in an year?ScienceBiology
Which of the following substances develop immunity towards diseases in our body? ScienceBiology
What do you call the evoparative loss of water in the form of water vapour through the aerial parts of the plant body?ScienceBiology
Plants which flower only once in their life are called ____________ScienceBiology
The toxicity of which of the following heavy metals leads to liver cirrhosis?ScienceBiology
Root part is represented in a mataure embryo by ____________ScienceBiology
_____________is the disease caused by deficiency of Iodine. ScienceBiology
Which removes waste materials from the body?ScienceBiology
Bone deformities occur due to excessive intake of ____________ScienceBiology
Which of the following blood cells is responsible for the clotting of blood?ScienceBiology
Which part of the human brain is responsible for vision, hearing, knowing taste and smell ?ScienceBiology
Name the part of the brain which control our body temperature?ScienceBiology
Which of the following fluid will protect brain and spinal cord from sudden mechanical shocks and jerks?ScienceBiology
Which layer of eye will be infected with virus in red eye or sore eye disease?ScienceBiology
Which of the following worms improve the fertility of the soil?ScienceBiology
Death of a cell or a tissue within a living body is termed as-ScienceBiology
BCG immunisation is done for the prevention of which of the following disease?ScienceBiology
Leprosy bacillus was invented by which of the follwing scientists?ScienceBiology
ELISA test is carried for detection of _______ScienceBiology
The disease caused by swelling of the membrane over spinal cord and brain is ___________ScienceBiology
Typhoid is caused by which of the following Bacteria ___ScienceBiology
Lungs are covered by two membranes called as __________ScienceBiology
How many lungs are present in human body?ScienceBiology
Which of the following is not a part of alimentary canal?ScienceBiology
___________is a sticky substance in saliva to provide easy movement.ScienceBiology
The smallest bone of body is found in ______ScienceBiology
Universal Donor belongs to blood groupScienceBiology
Trachoma is the disease of which organ?ScienceBiology
Which of the following cell organelles are known as the power-house of the living cell?ScienceBiology
Which of the following is an egg-laying mammal?ScienceBiology
The chemicals released by one species of animals in order to attract the other members of the same species are called-ScienceBiology
Which of the following is a omnivore (both plant and flesh eating)?ScienceBiology
Pituitary gland is presentScienceBiology
Haemophilia is a genetic disease which is caused by ScienceBiology
Antigen is important for human body because it _________ScienceBiology
Green colour of leaves is due to the presence of ___________ScienceBiology
Meningitis is a disease which affects the _______ScienceBiology

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