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If 21 out of 25 questions answered were correct, then the percentage achieved will be, MathematicsGeneral Maths
The difference between two whole numbers is 66. The ratio of the two numbers is 2 : 5. What are the two numbers? MathematicsGeneral Maths
A batsman scored the following number of runs in six innings: 36, 35, 50, 46, 60, 55 Calculate the mean runs scored by him in an inning. MathematicsGeneral Maths
The sum of three times a number and 11 is 32. Find the number. MathematicsGeneral Maths
A 22 Storey building has 1,40,000 square feet on each floor. Out of which 6 floors are rented for marriage purpose and 9 floors are rented by some Company. What is the number of square feet of unrented floor space?MathematicsGeneral Maths
The average salary of 3 employees is Rs 15,000 per month. If Anil earns Rs 12,500 and Bobby earns Rs 17,000, how much will Chunky earn ?MathematicsGeneral Maths
A Computer printer produces 1,80,000 lines in a given day. If the printer is in operation for 8 hours in a day. How many lines can it print per minute ?MathematicsGeneral Maths
Find the simple intrest on a principal of an intrest rate of 6% p.a.for a period of 6 years? MathematicsGeneral Maths
The selling price of 10 oranges is equal to the cost price of 13 oranges. Find the profit percent? MathematicsGeneral Maths
In a school drawing competition there are 409 boys and 216 girls. How many papers are needed if each child will get one paper?MathematicsGeneral Maths
Of the 500 trees in orchard, 248 are Neem trees. How many other trees are there?MathematicsGeneral Maths
Find the perimeter of regular pentagon with each side measuring 3 cm. MathematicsGeneral Maths
Find the distance travelled by Shaina if she takes three rounds of a square park of side 70 m. MathematicsGeneral Maths
Find the cost of fencing a rectangular park of length 250 m and breadth 175 m at the rate of Rs 12 per metre. MathematicsGeneral Maths
Find the perimeter of a rectangle whose length and breadth are 150 cm and 1 m respectively MathematicsGeneral Maths
An athlete takes 10 rounds of a rectangular park, 50 m long and 25 m wide. Find the total distance covered by him. MathematicsGeneral Maths
The only even prime digit that is present in the numerical series is,MathematicsGeneral Maths
The numbers that are divisible by itself and by the number '1' only, are termed as MathematicsGeneral Maths
Five years ago the average of A and B was 16 years. While C joining them now, the average becomes 20 years. How old is C now ?MathematicsGeneral Maths
A certain number of two digits is seven times the sum of its digits. If nine is subtracted from it, the digits are reversed. The number is ?MathematicsGeneral Maths
What is the number whose 30% is 150?MathematicsGeneral Maths
A number when divided by 296 gives a remainder 75, find the remainder when 37 divides the same number?MathematicsGeneral Maths
The multiplication of two consecutive numbers is 132 and their sum is equal to 23. What are the individual numbers,MathematicsGeneral Maths
A plot of land 80m long and 30m broad wsa sold at the rate of 500 per sqm. What was its selling price?MathematicsGeneral Maths
The floor of a dental clinic of 6m length and 4m breadth is to be tiled. How many tiles will be required for this job if square tile to be used has a Side of 20cm.? MathematicsGeneral Maths
In a class there are 12 benches of capacity 2 each. If 16 students occupy one place each, then how many places are left over?MathematicsGeneral Maths
Sita had 7 marbles.She lost 5 marbles. Then his brother find her one marble. How many marbles remained with her now?MathematicsGeneral Maths
When a commission was about to given. You were told you could have 0.1, 10%, 5/50,and 6%. Which three will give you the same amount of commission?MathematicsGeneral Maths
In a Conference three fourth of the Men are above 170 cm in height and they are 24 in number. Also out of the total members in the Conference, the Men form only two third and the rest are Women. The total number of Women in the Conference is __________MathematicsGeneral Maths
A elastic band has to be cut to make 28 small pieces. If it is triple folded to start with how many times does it need to be cut ?MathematicsGeneral Maths
There are 11 Cricket players. On a particular day 8 were wearing caps, while 6 were wearing sun glasses. None of them was without either caps or sun glasses. How many were wearing both ?MathematicsGeneral Maths
What is 35% of 42% of 6/7th of 500?MathematicsGeneral Maths
The odd number between 500 and 503 is:MathematicsGeneral Maths
How many even numbers between 300 and 310? MathematicsGeneral Maths
To make __ dozens we need 108 pencils.MathematicsGeneral Maths
There are ___ months in 6 years.MathematicsGeneral Maths
The largest three digit number is: MathematicsGeneral Maths
Meena blew half as many balloons as Seeta blew. Altogether they blew 18. How many balloons did Seeta blow? MathematicsGeneral Maths
Tom and John have total 89 toys. If John have 5 more toys than Tom, How many toys does each one have?MathematicsGeneral Maths
5 years ago, the ratio of ages of a mother and her son was 4:1, and 3 years after, the ratio will be 16:7. What is the present age of the mother?MathematicsGeneral Maths
7 meter is what percent of 40 meters?MathematicsGeneral Maths
Bob puts 74 pens in boxes. Each box can hold 10 pens. How may boxes does he need?MathematicsGeneral Maths
There are 100 cubes in a basket. How many groups of 10 each can be made?MathematicsGeneral Maths
Mary has 14 sticks. Watson has 10 sticks. Now Mary lost 4 sticks while going home. How many sticks will Mary have compared to Watson?MathematicsGeneral Maths
The craft project made by 10 students in one month are 5,4,7,7,3,4,5,6,6,3.What is average number of projects made by students?MathematicsGeneral Maths
The weights in kilograms of some sacks of Rice are 87,88,89,87,86,85,84,82,89.What is their average weight?MathematicsGeneral Maths
If a single article costs Rs. 25, then find the rebate allowed per article if 25 articles cost Rs. 600?MathematicsGeneral Maths
David bought 6 apples at RS.6 each, 4 bananas at Rs.5 each and 9 oranges for Rs.40. How much did he spend in all?MathematicsGeneral Maths
John bought 16 apples at Rs. 5 each. His mother told him to buy 5 more apples. The shopkeeper allowed him a rebate of Re.1 on the 5 more apples which he bought. What was his total expenditure?MathematicsGeneral Maths
In five cricket matches, Vinit scored 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 runs respectively.What is his average score ?MathematicsGeneral Maths

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