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The Ozone layer restricts ________________ of the SunScienceGeneral Science
The alloy of copper and tin is called ________ .ScienceGeneral Science
Which mineral is the principal ore of Mercury ?ScienceGeneral Science
Sometimes solids go directly into gaseous state without going through the liquid state. This process is known as ______________ScienceGeneral Science
Immunity against tuberculosis is provided by which of the following vaccines?ScienceGeneral Science
Communicable diseases are those which are __________ScienceGeneral Science
Which one of the following is a bacterial disease?ScienceGeneral Science
Scientists recently developed a new vaccine named Bapineuzumab jab. The vaccine is meant to cure _________ScienceGeneral Science
What is the apparatus do we use for measuring atmospheric pressure at one place?ScienceGeneral Science
Milk has a very important mineral called _________ that makes our bones strong.ScienceGeneral Science
With which of these would you associate the Richter and Mercalli scales?ScienceGeneral Science
The deficiency of which of these vitamins causes Beri Beri?ScienceGeneral Science
__________ is used to make paper.ScienceGeneral Science
_________ is a process in which rain falling on the roof is channeled into underground storage tanks and it stored for use.ScienceGeneral Science
Carrots are the main source of the vitamin __ScienceGeneral Science
_________ is used to make sacks and gunnuy bags.ScienceGeneral Science
___________ is the study of production of grapesScienceGeneral Science
Which field of science is related with the study of "Cytology"?ScienceGeneral Science
The gas which helps in breathing and burning purposes is called_____ScienceGeneral Science
The _______ pumps blood to all parts of our body.ScienceGeneral Science
Steam or water in the form of gas is _____ScienceGeneral Science
Ozone layer is found in ____________________.ScienceGeneral Science
The intensity of an earthquake is measured in which of the following scales?ScienceGeneral Science
Which is the nearest star to the Sun ?ScienceGeneral Science
The equatorial radius of the earth is approximately ________ScienceGeneral Science
How many days does the moon take to revolve around the earth ?ScienceGeneral Science
Which planet is referred as Morning as well as Evening Star ?ScienceGeneral Science
Titan is the natural satellite of the planet ________ScienceGeneral Science
What are the animals which use their forelegs to pick up things (like fruits and pods to take them to their mouth). Then they bite off pieces to eat them. ScienceGeneral Science
We get ______ yarn from silkworms.ScienceGeneral Science
We use ________ clothes in summer. ScienceGeneral Science
Which fibre do we get from plants? ScienceGeneral Science
___________ suck the nectar from flowers, with a proboscis. ScienceGeneral Science
Which of this house is made up of straw, earth and cow dung? ScienceGeneral Science
How many legs does the spider have?ScienceGeneral Science
Houses built keeping environment in mind are called:ScienceGeneral Science
Which of the following thing remains for many years without degradation ?ScienceGeneral Science
Goiter is caused by the deficiency of :-ScienceGeneral Science
What is the scientific name of Human Beings (Species name)?ScienceGeneral Science
Does air have weight?ScienceGeneral Science
Which of these is not a characteristic of water?ScienceGeneral Science
Which of the following substance is a mixture?ScienceGeneral Science
The temperature at which pure water boils is ------- degree centigrade.ScienceGeneral Science
The temperature at which ice melts is -------- degree centigrade.ScienceGeneral Science
Which of the following is the hardest metal ?ScienceGeneral Science
Which of the following elements is found in proteins?ScienceGeneral Science
The metallurgical process used to coat Steel or Iron with Zinc is known as ________________.ScienceGeneral Science
What is another word for Hypertension ?ScienceGeneral Science
Hypotension is another term for _________ScienceGeneral Science
What is another term for AH1N1?ScienceGeneral Science

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