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Who discovered X-rays ?ScienceGeneral Science
Which of the following is not a primary fuel?ScienceGeneral Science
Aryabhatta was a ____________ScienceGeneral Science
Who invented the Scale to measure the magnitude of earthquakes ?ScienceGeneral Science
Oncology is the study of ________ScienceGeneral Science
In which of the following species hormones are normally absent?ScienceGeneral Science
Which is the largest living bird?ScienceGeneral Science
Which of the following gases is released by automobiles ?ScienceGeneral Science
Which of the following chemical is responsible for depletion of ozone layer in the atmosphere?ScienceGeneral Science
Sometimes Milk becomes sour in taste just because of the which of the following acid?ScienceGeneral Science
Which of the following elements is obtained from sea weeds?ScienceGeneral Science
Which of the following can be used in the rubber tyre as a filler?ScienceGeneral Science
Which of the following is not a Mammal ?ScienceGeneral Science
Which of the following vitamin is known as 'Sun shine Vitamin'?ScienceGeneral Science
"Cardiogram" is an instrument to trace _____________ScienceGeneral Science
___________ is the chief constituent of gobar gas.ScienceGeneral Science
"Operation flood" is related to :ScienceGeneral Science
Under normal conditions, at which temperature (in Celsius) does water freeze ?ScienceGeneral Science
"Penicillin" was invented by Fleming in the year ______ScienceGeneral Science
A woman's voice is shriller than a man's due to :ScienceGeneral Science
The lowest fat percentage is found in the milk of :ScienceGeneral Science
Which of the following is an important symptom of 'Scurvy' disease?ScienceGeneral Science
Name the deficiency disease caused due to lack of Vitamin D supply to our body?ScienceGeneral Science
_________ disease is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin CScienceGeneral Science
The substance commonly employed as a cooling agent in refrigerators is ________ ScienceGeneral Science
"Genetic Engineering" is the term associated with :ScienceGeneral Science
The sky appears blue because of :ScienceGeneral Science
Glass cracks when it is heated but a metal does not because :ScienceGeneral Science
The sea-water is saline because _____________ScienceGeneral Science
It takes more time to cook potatoes on mountain tops because :ScienceGeneral Science
Jam is made out of _____________ScienceGeneral Science
What acid is present in vinegar?ScienceGeneral Science
Which one of the following is related to the diagnosis of heart ?ScienceGeneral Science
Jaundice is caused due to infection of ________ScienceGeneral Science
Who invented Chicken pox Vaccine ?ScienceGeneral Science
In Citrus fruits mainly we can find ______________ Vitamin.ScienceGeneral Science
"Dermatology: is the study of ______ScienceGeneral Science
Insulin regulates ______________ level in the body.ScienceGeneral Science
________ Vitamin is provided by Sunlight to body ?ScienceGeneral Science
We know it is bright during the day because we detect it with our sense of ________. ScienceGeneral Science
The Scientific study of birds is called ScienceGeneral Science
Which term is used for the drug that relieves from pain?ScienceGeneral Science
Bat is a _____________ScienceGeneral Science
Food chain consists of ____________ScienceGeneral Science
The smallest size of a cell which can be directly seen by the eye is ____________ScienceGeneral Science
Which of the following is a Water soluble Vitamin ?ScienceGeneral Science
Which Vitamin helps in blood clotting ?ScienceGeneral Science
Which of the following is a non-renewable resource?ScienceGeneral Science
Which of the following gas is responsible for global warming?ScienceGeneral Science
Which of the following is an example for potential energy? ScienceGeneral Science

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