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On which river is the Bhakra Nangal Dam built?GeographyIndian Geography
Which number completes the following series : 144 121 100 81 64 ?MathematicsFibbonacci Series
Name the double layered protective covering present around human heart?ScienceBiology
How many chambers are there in the heart of a fish?ScienceBiology
How many chambers are there in a human heart?ScienceBiology
Write an adjective from the following sentence. Once there lived a poor man called Gopal.EnglishAdjectives
Write proper helping verb. My sister ____ ill, so she can`t go to school today.EnglishGeneral English
Fill in the blank choosing the correct verb form from the bracket. The sun _____________ ( shine, shines, shining ) during the day. EnglishGeneral English
Fill in the blank with the present continuous form of the verbs in bracket. They ________________ the road. ( repair )EnglishVerbs
Which of the following states of matter has definite volume and mass but no definite shape?ScienceChemistry
Max is setting out some snacks for friends. He has 100wafers and 25 slices of cheese. If he wants each plate to be identical, with no food left over, what is the greatest number of plates Max can prepare?MathematicsBrain Twisters
In which of the following states of matter the kinetic energy of molecules is the highest?ScienceChemistry
The state of the matter in which inter-molecular forces of attraction are greatest? ScienceChemistry
Which of the following gas is highly flammable at ordinary temperature ?ScienceChemistry
Which of the following gas is yellow-green in color? ScienceChemistry
A line of 100centimeters is divided into 20 equal parts and numbered from 1-20. The distance between the 8th part and the 14th part corresponds to __________centimeters.MathematicsGeneral Maths
How many two-digit odd numbers are there in all ?MathematicsGeneral Maths
___________ are most cosmopolitan, bilaterally symmetrical animal having jointed appendages for locomotion.ScienceBiology
Sometimes solids go directly into gaseous state without going through the liquid state. This process is known as ______________ScienceGeneral Science
The space inside the container that is occupied by matter is known as its ____________SciencePhysics
Who is the first vice-president of India?General KnowledgeLeaders
How many beats per minute should a new born child's heart beat? ScienceHuman Body
Who is the first Law minister of India?General KnowledgeLeaders
Which one of these inventions did Thomas Edison not discover or help improve?General KnowledgeCelebrities
Immunity against tuberculosis is provided by which of the following vaccines?ScienceGeneral Science
Communicable diseases are those which are __________ScienceGeneral Science
Which one of the following is a bacterial disease?ScienceGeneral Science
Scientists recently developed a new vaccine named Bapineuzumab jab. The vaccine is meant to cure _________ScienceGeneral Science
What is the number of diagonals in a decagon?MathematicsGeneral Maths
What is the least number , which , when divided by 13 and 25 leaves a remainder of 4 in each case?MathematicsGeneral Maths
In 36 days, 3 boys can eat 48 apples. In how many days can 9 boys eat 36 apples?MathematicsBrain Twisters
Five coins are tossed at a time. The probability that exactly 2 heads occur isMathematicsGeneral Maths
If the centroid of the triangle formed by the points (3,4) (4,2) and (x,y) is (2,1), thenMathematicsGeneral Maths
_______ is a physical quantity which expresses the amount of matter in a body.SciencePhysics
What is the apparatus do we use for measuring atmospheric pressure at one place?ScienceGeneral Science
How many meters do equal to one centimeter?MathematicsUnits and Measurements
Which is the prime number in the below numbers?MathematicsGeneral Maths
In which of the following parts of human alimentary canal no digestion occurs?ScienceBiology
Name the layer of our eye to which cornea part belong?ScienceBiology
Which of the following is not a connective tissue? ScienceBiology
Which of the following plant show tap root system?SciencePlants
Which of the following plant show fibrous root system?SciencePlants
The train_______ before I went to the railway station.EnglishGeneral English
Which is the 15th odd number after 36 ?MathematicsGeneral Maths
If x is an odd number, which of the following is an even number ?MathematicsGeneral Maths
The opposite of profit is ________EnglishOpposites
Walk fast _____ we will miss the train. Choose the suitable conjuction from the following.EnglishGeneral English
The Rajputs fought bravely. What is the adverb in this sentence?EnglishGeneral English
The functional segments of the DNA (Deoxy Ribonucleic Acid) are called _______ScienceBiology
Which of the following living cells lack membrane-bound cell organelles?ScienceBiology

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