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The white or colorless plastids present in the plant cells are called __________ .ScienceBiology
Proteins are large biological molecules that are made of ________ acids linked into linear chains, called polypeptide chains.ScienceHuman Body
Red blood cells have a perfect shape for absorbing and releasing oxygen. They are full of an iron containing protein called _____________ScienceHuman Body
There are approximately ____________ red blood cells per cubic millimetre of blood.ScienceHuman Body
The least number with which 35280 is to be multiplied, so that the resulting number is a perfect square isMathematicsGeneral Maths
Find the missing number 17, 37, ________, 157, 317, 637.MathematicsBrain Twisters
Find the missing number 235, 265, __________, 355, 415MathematicsBrain Twisters
4, 5, 9 , 14, _________, 37, 60, 97MathematicsBrain Twisters
Name the form in which the reserve food stored in the liver of our body?ScienceBiology
Which of the following hormone is known as an 'emergency hormone'?ScienceBiology
Which of the following endocrine gland secrete 'Growth hormone'?ScienceBiology
Which of the following gland is both exocrine and endocrine in nature?ScienceBiology
Which of the following is an exocrine gland? ScienceBiology
My mother agreed ____ bake a cake for me.EnglishGeneral English
Which Australian state was formerly known as "Van Diemen's Land" ? General KnowledgeCountries
Summer Olympics are held after every __________General KnowledgeSports
In soccer, which part of midfielders body should not touch the ball?General KnowledgeSports
There are 10 true - false questions in an examination. Then these questions can be answered in,MathematicsBrain Twisters
If n(A) = 20, n(B) = 10, n(A n B) = 25, then n(A u B) equals,MathematicsGeneral Maths
Which all even numbers comes in between 50 and 58?MathematicsGeneral Maths
Mahesh is taller than Ramesh. Suresh is shorter than Ramesh. Mahesh is 47 inches tall. Suresh is 42 inches tall. How tall could Ramesh be?MathematicsBrain Twisters
There are 12 flowers. Arrange these flowers in a group of 3 flowers in a row. Then how many rows will be there?MathematicsGeneral Maths
What is the full-form of DNA?ScienceHuman Body
Which of the following parts of the eye change the light rays into electrical signals?ScienceHuman Body
Which of the following gland is known as the master gland?ScienceHuman Body
Which of the following parts of human body survive for a longer period?ScienceHuman Body
It takes the earth 365 and 1/4 days to complete one revolution around the sun. So that, we have one extra day every 4 years which is called a ________ year.GeographyIndian Geography
Which of the following is the chemical name of gypsum?ScienceChemistry
Which of the following gas has strong pungent smell? ScienceChemistry
Which of the following is a chemical change?ScienceChemistry
Which of the following molecule is tetra atomic? ScienceChemistry
Which of the following harvest festival is celebrated by Sikhs?General KnowledgeCountries
Marina Beach, the India's longest and World's second longest beach, is located in which city ?General KnowledgeCountries
Which of the following are in descending order of their values?MathematicsFraction
The sum of five consecutive numbers is 270. What is the sum of the the second and fifth number?MathematicsAddition
How much is 40% of three-fourth of 10440?MathematicsGeneral Maths
A 570 meters long train crosses a platform of equal length in 15 seconds. What is the speed of the train in meters/second?MathematicsGeneral Maths
The sum of the squares of three consecutive odd numbers is 2531. Find the numbers. MathematicsGeneral Maths
The sum of a rational number and its reciprocal is 13/6. Find the number. MathematicsGeneral Maths
50 is divided into two parts such that the sum of their reciprocals is 1/ 12. Find the two parts. MathematicsGeneral Maths
The roots of a plant grow towards gravity. This response of roots towards gravity is known as _____________ScienceBiology
The movements shown by the leaves of Touch-me-not plant to the stimulus touch is known as------------.ScienceBiology
Name the instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure?SciencePhysics
Which of the following non-metal element is a liquid at room temperature?ScienceChemistry
Name the process by which Petrol is obtained from crude petroleum?ScienceChemistry
What is meant by a "Base map"?GeographyRegions of the World
Simran had _______ (break) all the eggs needed to make a gravy.EnglishGeneral English
Which city was previously known as Salisbury?General KnowledgeCountries
Which African country was formerly known as 'Abyssinia' ?General KnowledgeCountries
______ is the type of weathering in which rock is physically broken into smaller pieces. SciencePhysics

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