How to improve confidence in children

Children now face the world at an early age. At three or four years of age they have to compete with their peers. In this article I am discussing the ways how you can help your child to improve confidence and be a winner in every situation. Moreover you will find here the best tips that you can apply everyday to boost your child's confidence.

How can you know that your child lack confidence?

You know that your child is a truely talented one. You are happy with him when he performs well in front of you. This exudes a sense of pride in you. But whenver your child ventures out he becomes shy, he/she cannot perform well in front of his friends or he just wants to stay with instead of his peer group. He does not enjoy team games or stay away from competions. All these are symptoms of lack of confidence in your child.

How to improve confidence in your child?

Building the confidence level of your child is part of good upbringing. Who would not like to see their child to be the best? But this desire of making a super-child out of our kids builds up trememndous pressure on them and they simply succumb to lack of confidence. To see your child perform well in every field, be it academics, music or sports you have to give him the gift of confidence first. We are saying confidence is a gift because parents can do the best in building confidence in children. And parents only can build confidence during the formative years of a child, ie. from beginning to three four years. Here is how parents can improve confidence of their child.
  • Make learning an enjoyable activity. Each time a child learns something let him celebrate his learning experience.
  • Have faith in your child. It is key to build up on the confidence level of your child.
  • All children are not born prodigy. Let her take her own time while learning a new thing.
  • Children forget things easily. Do not scold them for not remembering rhymes of anything. To make them memorise rhymes, poems or anything else first memorise it yourself and then sing with them. Learning with child will increase their confidence.
  • Positive response helps to boost your child's confidence. Just notice the difference betwwen positive and negative responses to know this.
  • Let your understnad that making mistakes is part of growing up.
  • Don't be critical to your child. Being critical will not help in anyway. It will only reduce confidence in your child.

Things that reduce your child's confidence

  • Never laugh at your child's mistakes: Instead of laughing at your child laugh at the mistake and laugh togather.
  • Never scold your child in front of out-siders or their friends: Scolding will not only reduce their confidence but also hamper the development of personality in child.
  • Do not show that you do not believe what he says even if he make stories about darkness, or fear etc. These are part of their language learning skills. It shows how they can construct sentences or how they are learning to play with imagination. And your trust on your child will build great confidence in children and they will grow up to be a confident person in later life.
  • Do not tell him repeatedly about the same thing: Repeating the same things will let him think that you will always be there to repeat things for them and will lose confidence only.

Best confidence boosting tips for your child

1.Try completing a simple project in your holidays. This will give immense sense of satisfaction in your child.
2.Make opportunities to praise your child everyday.
3.Let your child win or help him winning when you are playing at home. But do not make it a habit.
4. Teach him to accept when he loses a game. Help him learn how to take defeat at his stride. (As parents you always need to be the watchdog so that your child does not grow into an over-confident child and learn to bully others at school or playgroup.)
5. If your child is trying to improve himself in study or in sports, encourage them, this will improve his confidence.

Everyone wants their children to achieve success in life. Life is getting competitive. Especially for young kids life is no more like that of their forefathers of the same age. Now confidence is a must for building better career path in future. Thus giving your child the gift of confidence is very much important. So that your child cen be a winner in life.

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Guest Author: Arun23 Jun 2013

I have seen kids who perform really brilliant in exams but can't face the reacher in the class rooms. It happens on the other way too. Students who appear to be very smart in the class performs really poor in the exams. Developing confidence in children is one of the biggest challenges for many parents. Sending to special courses may be helpful a bit but confidence building has to start from the home and should continue in the school. In most cases, the children who shows lack of confidence will have some stories to tell. Many times, the reason is hwo they are treated by their parents. If you always talk bad about your children or keep saying they are good for nothing, don't expect your children to grow with confidence.

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