How to improve handwriting of kids

Parents often wonder why kids score less mark in written exams even when they are thoroughly prepared. Kids score great in oral exams, but when it comes to writing their poor handwriting stays as a big hurdle in their way of achievement. Here are few tips which may help in improving the handwriting of kids.

How to improve handwriting of kids

Worried why your kid scores less marks than what he actually deserves? Well that is one common worry seen among parents nowadays. Though while revisions, kids do great job, but what happens when they have to write down on exam papers. Mostly many kids score good marks during orals, but when it comes to written exams all they do is mesings up the whole thing. Parents often wonder why such thing are happening, when they had put all their efforts in preparing their kids for the written examination. But what parents don't realize is the fact that written papers are not just judged with regards to right answers, but also with its presentation. Take your kid's paper and answer for yourself:

- Is the presentation good enough for the examiner to get impressed?

- Try and read the paper and check for yourself whether it was easy enough to read?

- Does the paper in your hand deserve more than what is being given?

- Do you really like the handwriting in your kid's written paper?

If the answers for all the above questions are NO, then think about it by yourself. Whatever maybe that's the impression that your kid's paper create in front of the examiner which gets score. The handwriting plays a very important role when it comes to proper presentation and impressions. Even if your kid knows everything and does well in his Orals, yet if his handwriting is not up to the standard, then there's something which is definitely pulling him back from what he actually deserves. I have actually known kids, who score extra points not for their answers but for the presentation and handwriting that have successfully impressed the examiners.

Same thing goes for notebooks and answer sheets. Kids are very happy when they get Stars or Good remarks from their teachers. But that happens with only those who write with good handwriting and proper punctuations in their notebook. So what we actually need here is the improvement in your kid's handwriting to make an overall impression on everyone. Handwriting forms an important aspect of writing. For improving a kid's writing skills one should first focus on handwriting which plays an important role in enhancing writing skills.
Here are few tips which will find answer to the parent's question, how to improve handwriting of kids:

Early age practice helps improve handwriting of kids

If you wish to improve your kid's handwriting start their practice right when they learn to read and write. Once they get used to writing in their own way which is not very impressive, then it's probably going to get very difficult in changing their writing pattern. Its not that kids with bad handwriting can't change it later, but it may need an extra time and efforts to change what is already learned. So start early and make them perfect.

Use of basic handwriting worksheets help improve handwriting of kids

When you start teaching kids the right way of writing at an early age, always start with basic patterns which will help the kids learn in a proper manner. As in schools nowadays the kids learn line drawings, dotted line drawings for practice, begin in the same manner so that the kids aren't confused.

Here's what one can do:

- In a four liner book, ask the kids to draw horizontal lines, vertical lines and slanting lines. This way makes them practice regularly. You can also make them practice on plain papers or drawing books.

- Get a basic alphabet book which contains letters in dotted format. Ask kids to regularly practice on those letters.

Use of Handwriting worksheets help improve handwriting skills of kids

Nowadays, there is solution to each and every problem and hence parents don't need to worry about anything at all. It seems as the retail market is all set to reach out in one or the other way to solve each and every parent's need. The availability of handwriting worksheets have made the problem look much more simpler. The handwriting worksheets usually come in plastic format and can be reused just by wiping out with a damp cloth. This way the worksheets can be used as many times as you like and the kids also have a freedom of writing with pens as per their mood.

Reminding kids of writing with good handwriting helps improve handwriting of kids

Every day before your kids sits for thier studies; remind them how they have to write. Always remind your kids that he has to start the writing for the day with a good handwriting EVERYDAY. Constant reminders work in a positive manner and imbibe in the kid's mind. Such practice helps to improve handwriting of kids.

A small Competition or Challenge helps improve handwriting of kids

As on now, today's kids enjoy challenges and competitions. Research has proved that kids perform in a better manner during competitions other than usual routine. For example, many kids perform well in handwriting competitions held in schools, but if you check their notebooks you will wonder whether its the same kid. So all you can do is make them compete with few of their friends to improve their handwriting skills.

Here' what you can do:

Gather few of your kid's friends and ask them to start writing a paragraph in allotted time. Make sure that you remind them about writing in good handwriting. After the allotted time is finished check everyone's paper and judge who did better. Such competitions will definitely make kids perform better and they also learn to write in a good handwriting even when they have to write quickly.

And Finally

Five Important Tips to improve handwriting of kids

Other than the above steps, there can be few other reasons or causes which may affect your kid's handwriting even if he/she tries hard. Here are few tips to remember which can help improve handwriting of children:

1. See that the kids write by keeping their books on a flat base.

2. Use of light-weight pens or pencils always helps in improving handwriting.

3. While writing they should maintain proper distance between two words for proper presentation. Neither the words be too far from each other nor very close.

4. The writing pattern should be even not with many variations.

5. Always remind your kids to leave a line after every short paragraph and after each question and answer for neatness.

If you try few of these above mentioned steps, be sure that your kids are definitely going to perform well with good handwriting and good presentation.

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Author: RAJESH.R19 Apr 2011 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Hi Sangeetha,

Your article is very important because all children are scoring in the oral test but in the writing test they make lot of spelling mistakes and fail to score high. So these tips are very important to all parents to practice writing in a four line book in this vocation time.

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