How important is parent's involvement in their child's education

Do you think parent's involvement is not important in the child's education as long as they are going to good school? You may be terribly wrong. Read this article to learn more about the role of parents in the education of children.

It is often said that education begins at home. And hence it's all upon parents to help their child educate and be a better person. Education is the most important thing happening to a child and if parents are actively involved in their child's education, then the child is definitely going to do much better than anybody else. This article mentions how important parent's involvement can be in their child's education and also tell you how parents can actively get involved in their child's education.

How important is parent's involvement in their child's education

Parent's involvement in their child's education is definitely important. It creates a big difference in their child's performance and academic evaluation. Parents are known to be the role models for kids. Kids also look after their parents as a guide, a source and an important advisor. A parent can help child deal with lots of issues with their constant guidance and support. A parent actively involves in their child's development, growth, feeding and overall health concerns. The same involvement should be applied to their child's academic development. If a parent successfully allots a specified time everyday to his child's studies then the child is definitely going to score better. Education is not just related to academic performance but also to various other arenas which include overall development of a child, extracurricular activity, sports, physical education and mental education. If a parent successfully is able to involve himself actively in these arenas, they would help their child grow and develop into better person. Parent's involvement can be an accelerating factor for a child's development. His / her academic performance will improve and so would be his/her confidence in various other aspects of life.

Parents are usually busy with their own life. Few of them are working and can't stay with their child at home all the time. But that can't be an excuse for a parent to ignore his child's education and not be able to involve in his child's studies and other activities. Hence it's very important that even if a parent is working, he/she should still manage to spend some quality time with their kid, where kid is able to talk about studies and clear his doubts. Teachers can't be held completely responsible for a child's academic performance. Parents too need to pay maximum attention to their children when it comes to study. Though schools are the center for education, homes are the actual place where children learn things. A child looks upon his parents for active support and involvement when it comes to education. The same is expected from teachers and school.

Reason why parent's involvement in their child's education help

Parent's involvement in their child's education is extremely important and there are various reasons why. Few are discussed below:

- Parents are known to be the ones who build the foundation for their child's education.

- Parents are the only one who can explain to a child how important education can be for them.

- Parents can imbibe good thoughts and ideas about education and its importance to kids right from the early stage.

- Children listen to their parents more than anybody else in the earlier stage.

- Parents help children in their decisions when they are kids.

- Parents are the only ones who can help a child get access to various materials and sources related to education.

- Parents are the ones who can notice their child's ability and inabilities towards education and other activities.

- Parents are also looked upon by the teachers and school for active involvement.

The above reasons are important enough to prove that parent's involvement in their child's education is extremely important.

Reasons why a parents may not be able to involve in their child's education

If a parent is not able to involve himself/herself in their child's education there definitely are few reasons for that. Few of them include:

- Lack of time

- Busy schedule

- Lack of interest

- Illiteracy

How does lack of involvement from parents in their child's education may effect their child

If a parent fails to involve in their child's education then it may overall affect a child in many ways, which include:

- Poor academic performance

- Poor decision making skills in children

- Poor access to various educational sources

- Poor participation of kids in educational and other curricular activities

- Poor performance in overall well-being of child in school

- Lack of interest in studies

Hence a parents needs to actively involved in their child's education regularly. Let's discuss how exactly a parent can involve in their child's education and how it would benefit a child.

Offer a rich learning environment to your child at home

Parent's attitude and ideas about education influences a child's mind. If parents show lack of interest in education, then a child too may get less interested in educating himself. If parents complain about the present education system in front of their children then children too complain the same and show less interest in studies. Hence a parent needs to be very appreciative when it comes to education. Children should be explained the importance of education right from an early age for creating interest in them. What parents can do is offer their child a rich learning environment at home by participating and showing interest in the academic education and other activities, which can motivate their child to educate himself. Interest in education can be created only at an early age, and that is exactly what parents should do.

Actively participate in your child's school activities

Research has shown that kids whose parents actively participate in school activities and other events are always given priority by their teachers. When parents show active involvement in school and their child's education by regularly keeping follow-ups with school and attending meeting and other events, teachers get to understand the importance and concern parents show in their child's academic performance and other activities. This helps the teacher to distinguish between students whose parents are actively involved and students whose parents show a lack of interest. Teachers in such situations always give special attentions to students whose parents actively involve themselves in child's day-to day activities at school.

Top 10 Tips for a parent to involve actively in their child's education

1. Allow your child get access to lot of study enriching materials and help him educate himself.

2. Learn your child's abilities and disabilities related to education and other activities and help him perform well.

3. Actively take study sessions regularly at a specified time and check your child's performance.

4. Never miss the parent teachers meeting.They are extremely important as you get to know what teacher has to say about your child.

5. Keep regular follow-ups with school and discuss your child's performance and abilities with his teacher.

6. Always keep a check on how much time your child spends in watching TV and playing video games. Control those times and keep a schedule for such entertainment and leisure activities.

7. Help your child to learn the importance of regular attendance and good conduct at schools.

8. Explain the importance of parental involvement to your family and get a complete family involvement in your child's education.

9. Help and actively involve yourself in your child's school projects and activities for great encouragement to students.

10. Never forget that there are two main educators for your child, one you and other the teacher. Teacher gets to spend only a limited time with your child. But parents are the one who spend maximum time with their children. And most important education beings at home, so it's the parents who act as the main educator and remain the main influence for their child's learning.

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