How to overcome inferiority complex in children

Does your child lack in words when he has to introduce himself in front of others? Does your child feels himself or herself far more inferior than the students of his class? If answers to these questions are yes, then maybe it's all about the inferiority complex that your child has tended to develop. This article helps you to understand all that any parents should know about the inferiority complex and ways by which they can help their child overcome it.

How to overcome inferiority complex in children

Do you always find your child completely low when it comes to his self expression or self image? Does your child lack in words when he has to introduce himself in front of others? Does your child feels himself or herself far more inferior than the students of his class? If answers to all these questions are yes, then maybe it's all about the inferiority complex that your child has tend to develop. Each and every person seems to go through this stage, but few overcome it and walk ahead. Few of them may not be lucky enough to do so. If the inferiority complex fails to vanish within a time frame, then it may actually have play disturbing role in your child's life in future. Children who develop inferiority complex try to stay away from all the children who they consider to be far more superior to them.


Mostly for such children each and every child other than them is far more superior and hence they just try avoiding everyone. What happens next is they try to pretend that no one exists around them and they see nobody. Most of such kids end up being a loser or join company of losers and consider themselves one of them. No parent can ever see their child in such a devastating stage and wonder what to do. But this situation is totally in their hand, only if they tend to realize it. Hopefully this realization has to be on time. If late, then things may just go out of their hand!

Difference between inferior feeling and inferiority complex

Now here, one has to understand that inferiority complex is not similar to what one calls as an inferior feeling. Inferior feeling can get healed whenever and however one wish to. But inferiority complex on the other hand may actually cause severe damage and failure in anyone's life. Moreover one always requires inferior feeling to actually realize what he can achieve and ultimately achieve success. But inferiority complex can have devastating effects on one's life as one may never ever realize his potential and capabilities throughout his life. This situation for a child can be far worse than one could ever imagine.

What exactly is inferiority complex

A inferiority complex is considered to be a feeling, rather psychological feeling where a person may consider himself or herself inferior than others in some or the other way. These feeling which make a person consider himself inferior are actually imaginary and may not even exist. An inferiority complex if persist may actual discourage a person from gaining his objective, thus failing to achieve success in life. In a way a person with inferiority complex may actually prefer living alone other than living with others.

Types of inferiority complex

Inferiority complex is classified into two types roughly:

Primary Inferiority Complex, where a child or a person may actual start feeling inferior to others based on his own personal experience. This experience may be a result of any happening which may make him consider himself as weaker or helpless than the rest.

Secondary Inferiority Complex, where a person or a child may start feeling inferior based on the experiences related to adults around him. These experiences may cause the child to feel negative about himself and may actually suppress him from every other things.


Causes of Inferiority complex

Few known causes for inferiority complex includes:

- Constant disapproval from parents

- Upbringing of a child

- Constant negative remarks from parents

- Constant criticism

- Defects in body which could include defect in face, height, speech, vision, weight

- Feeling of comparison

- Poor academic performance as compared to others in a group or class.

- Low economic status

- Family

- Religion

- Sex

- Racism

Signs and symptoms of inferiority complex

Watch out for few of these signs and symptoms within your child for inferiority complex:

1. A child avoid being with friends

2. A child prefers staying at home rather than going out and playing

3. A child avoids participating in dance or other such activities where he has to exhibit himself or his abilities are left out to be tested.

4. A child avoids going out to parties or functions, thus trying to socially withdraw himself from the rest of the world.

5. The child always speaks about bad luck or being unlucky, thus blaming everything on luck matter rather than accepting his own failures.

6. A child avoids participating in any sport competition by making excuses such as, anyways I am not going to make it.

7. A child may make mistakes just because he or she is sure of making them right from the beginning.

8. A child may refuse speaking with guests as they may be sure of not able to be polite enough to impress them.

What happens when inferiority complex is not treated well in time

Looking at the above symptoms, one may definitely understand that if these symptoms are not treated than a child may actually lose his confidence and thus may never be able to succeed in those areas. Moreover if time runs out of your hand, then the child may actually never come out of these imaginary feelings and close himself in the shell. Parents play out a big role in such situation as children finally look upon them for help. So parents should try and look out for these symptoms, if found help them to get out of it.

Help your child to be positive

Never allow the inferiority complex to get your child. Help your child to get rid of the fears and negativity which surround him. Make him realize that these feelings are imaginary and help them realize how wrong they feel about themselves. Only positive thinking can help your child to come out of the shell and get more public about it. Help your child to be more enthusiastic about him and thus boost his confidence levels.

Help your child to recognize his inner potential and capabilities

Try to recognize the hidden skills of your child and help them to nourish and develop it. If your child has any such skills like painting or music or craft help them identify their potential in that area and encourage them to work more on it. Try t make your child know and recognize his own talents which would boost his confidence levels.

Help your child to work out on the cause

Try to recognize what is the exact cause that makes your child feel inferior. If your child is overweight than the other children, help him lose it. If your child is poor in academic performance, help him score better. If your child has speech problem, take him to a speech therapist and try to help him. Thus whatever the problem that cause inferiority complex, help your child overcome it.

Accept the cause

If the cause for inferiority complex is far more than overcoming, like a body defect which can't be overcome than help your child to accept it. Make your child understand how few things can't be changed and how one can actually live with it. Once your child accepts the problem, then they hardly feel anything inferior about it. Thus by accepting the problem, they actually overcome it.

Take advice from a specialist

Take your child to a specialist or a counselor who can help him or her out with the problem of inferiority complex. Please don't jump on any conclusions regarding anything. Let the doctor decide and help you with the child. Maybe a doctor's help may actually take you to the root of the problem. Most of the time children can't actually speak out in front of their parents but they do open up with these specialists. As you know that's what specialists are for.

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