Coping with loneliness: How to help your child who is always feeling lonely

Are you looking for solutions to cope with loneliness? Are you worried your child is always feeling lonely? Find out ways to help your lonely child and make him active in the social circles.

Loneliness is one of the common problems associated in most of the children nowadays. There can be many reasons for how and why a child can feel lonely. This article helps parents to understand the reasons, causes and ways to help their children who feel lonely.

How to help your child who is always feeling lonely

solutions to cope with loneliness

A common problem faced my many parents nowadays is about their child who feels lonely. Parents are usually seen worried about their child who always feels lonely. With today's fast paced world, usually each and every couple opts for a single child. This is a common option with many couples nowadays. Reasons why parents opt for single child being

- Lack of space

- Lack of resources

- Lack of time

- Lack of money

Loneliness for single child

The chances of a single child to be lonely are on a higher side. But being a single child is just not the only reason why a child can feel lonely many other factors contribute to your child's loneliness. It all about finding out the right factor and working towards it that will help your child fighting off the loneliness that deprives him from all the happiness that he should have in his life. Loneliness in children is an eloquent and compelling problem in children which can actually imbibe long term consequences mostly negative.

A recent research has concluded that out of every 10 kids 4 to 5 kids suffer loneliness. But the reasons for all vary some or the other way. The reason for loneliness in each of this child differs with his personality, surroundings and behavior patterns. Parents get extremely concerned when they find their child suffering with loneliness. But very few of them come up with solutions which can work out against this loneliness in children. This happens only because parents don't actually reach out for the reasons for same. Even if they try hard very few come up with conclusions which can actually be wrong.

Loneliness in children

Loneliness is considered to be a very unhappy feeling where a child may feel empty and alone when it comes to developing social relationships. A lonely child would always be unhappy and seem to be more depressed and sad.

Effect of loneliness in children

Common causes of loneliness in children

There are many causes that may result for loneliness in children. Few of them are mentioned below:
  1. Relocation

  2. Change in school

  3. Shyness

  4. Change in environment (relocation from country side to cities / relocation from joint families to nuclear families)

  5. Losing a friend

  6. Relocation of a friend

  7. Single child

  8. Lack of friendship

  9. Inability of making friends easily

  10. Fear of school bullies

  11. Lack of quality friendship

  12. Lack of self-confidence

  13. Rejection from friends

  14. Lack of fitness

  15. Feeling of being isolated

  16. Lack of social support

  17. Lacking of understanding from others

  18. Feeling of being invisible

  19. Loss of parents

  20. Missing some one terribly (could be a friend or family member)

  21. Chronic feeling

First and foremost, identify which of the above could be the root cause of loneliness in your case.

Types of loneliness

Loneliness are roughly divided into two types:

Emotional loneliness, where a child may just miss out someone from his family including one of his parents can feel depressed. This happens when children feel sense of security with their parents and suddenly one of them moves out regarding work or other reasons or due to unfortunate reasons. The child misses him terribly and feels lonely and depressed.

Social loneliness, where a child feels left out in the middle of a group of friends or crowd due to difference in opinions or thinking. If friends and the child don't have a similar thinking than the child definitely feels lonely and depressed.

Signs and symptoms which can help you find out your child feeling lonely

- The child fails to interact with other students in class.

- The child prefers staying home other than playing outside with other children

- The child never discusses or speaks with other children

- The child never invites children to his house

- The child prefers being in his room rather than staying out when guests arrive.

- The child walks alone home rather than with friends after school.

- The child draws sad pictures or plays sad tunes

Effect of loneliness in children

Loneliness in children

Loneliness in children can be very depressing, at times even life threatening. Loneliness is directly related to depression, though in children it can be temporary. A child may start feeling depressed but if efforts are taken by parents to remove loneliness in children, they instantly cheer up forgetting all about depression. It also depends on how the child is interested in getting socially connected with others. Loneliness can at times affect the learning performance of children as it makes them negative. Loneliness is also known to create sleeping disorders or be self destructive in most children.

Once you know what bothers your child more and what are factors that are making your child feel lonely then all you need to do is find ways by which you can help them come out of that loneliness. Parents can comfort their children and help them to fight with loneliness by many ways. Let's discuss few of the ways by which parents can help their child who feels lonely.

Help in confidence building in your child who feels lonely

Lack of self-confidence is one of the major causes why a child can feel lonely. In such cases parents can help in confidence building in their children. What parents can do is help their child recognize their abilities and capabilities. Praise your child for the efforts and contribution he does in any particular activity. Allocate special assignments to the child and appraise when he carries out the task perfectly. Never blame if he fails to do so. Instead appreciate his performance and efforts and help him understand where he lacked. Encourage your child to participate in various activities in school including sports, hobby courses or music etc. Encourage your child to choose any of his favorite sport and excel in it. This could be anything from swimming, cricket, football or any of his favorite sport. This will slowly help him develop the confidence that is lacking in him.

Help your child make new friends

If you have just relocated to a new place then it is possible that your child misses his old friends and hence feeling lonely. In such cases help your child make new friends. Call a tea party or snack party and invite all the children from the neighborhood. Introduce your child to all of them and thus help him develop into new friendships. In many cases, one of the best friends of your child may shift to new places or relocate. In such cases too try and help your child to make new friends by either calling over his friends or by taking him to a park or activity class where he can be introduced to new children.

Help your lonely child to open up

If your child is shy, help him to open up. It is possible that a child wants to make new friends but due to being shy, he is not able to. In such cases, give a gentle push by inviting over the child with whom your kid wants to make friendship. Allow your child a fair chance of communicating with new friends and getting over his shyness.

Deal with bullies in school

If your child is afraid of bullying in school by few children then take care of it. Deal with the school bullies by either complaining to the school teacher or school authorities. If this tactic doesn't work out than have a word with the child's parents. Confront the bully if necessary. Teach your child to cope up with school bullies.

Read more on how to handle bullies at school.

Give quality time to your kid

In many cases due to hectic schedule, parents can't give out sufficient time to their children. Even that can be a reason why children feel lonely. In such cases, parents should try and take out some time for children. Other than buying out gifts for him, just input some time for them. Spend as much time you can with your child.

Try to keep your child busy

This is one way you can help your child get out of loneliness. Try to keep him busy with activities which he enjoys more. Anything that he likes including hobby classes or sports which he enjoys most. Make him join a library if he enjoys reading. Don't let him sit home feeling lonely. Other than that try to find solutions for his loneliness.

If required get a counselor's help or opt for a therapy. Most often kids don't open up in front of their parents. Here's where a counselor should enter and find out what the real problem is.

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