Best Educational Websites for children in USA

Parents always wish that their kids look upon computers and internet as a source of information other than just a medium of entertainment. This article intends to help such parents with list of few educational websites which will help their children with useful information and education. The below mentioned articles lists names of few of the best educational websites for kids in USA.

Best Educational Websites for children in USA

With so many websites coming up each single day, parents are confused with which one is perfect for their child. Other than just spending time on the computer playing games which are violent and useless, parents expect kids to make use of computer resourceful and informative. One way this can be done is by getting their children to log in to sites which are totally safe and educational.

Like the previous article which meant to provide the list for best educational Indian sites, this article intends to provide you with top 10 best educational websites for children in USA.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. If you are a great believer of this proverb than this site is just for you. Funbrain is an educational website for children in USA that plans to cater to the educational needs by blending fun with education. The site provides online games which allow kids to understand difficult concepts of studies in related fields like mathematics, language, science and English grammar. Kids are engaged in various activities which boost their overall development. The site also includes Teachers and Parents section which make it easier for both parents as well as teachers to keep in touch with each other. Moreover the site also provides some useful resource material for students by means of e-books and comics thus encouraging an educational as well as safe environment for great learning experience.

For more details visit FunBrain

PBS Kids Play

PBS Kids Play is a USA based site exclusive for broadcasting in USA. PBS Kids Play is an online learning program for kids from early childhood to teenagers. This site offers various programs and projects which are creative and educational thus help development and building of young talents. Various categories are provided which children can select and enjoy based on their age. Moreover the site also has its own special secondary site of games which provides additional entertainment via games and indirectly helps children in learning. The games on this site includes educational games like Sandbox Symphony, Flower finder, I Love Shapes, Dress up and many more which apart from fun help kids to learn about shapes, colors, animals and other things. Ideal for small kids, this site also offers coloring and matching options. There is a special section for teachers and parents to personalize and help get schooling and learning easier.

For more details visit PBS Kids Play

Scholastic Parent & Child

Scholastic is an online journal which plans to satisfy all the material needs of children related to education and fun. Scholastic helps children to read and learn by providing them a better understanding to simpler and easier patterns that make reading easier. Scholastic strives hard to help children to educate, motivate and entertain themselves by participating in various interesting specialized arenas with better knowledge and understanding. Scholastic provides three independent sections, one for student, one for teachers and one for parents. Each section carries ample of study materials for the related categories. Children have various options to select from which includes games, online books, videos and much more.

For more information visit Scholastic for parents & kids

Ed Helper

If you believe in providing children proper education in terms of fun then this site is ideal for you. Ed Helper is an education website that imparts education to kids by means of games and fun thus improving their academic performance. Children most often find few topics difficult to understand, especially when it comes to English Grammar or related topics to math including decimals, measurement. But when such topics are taught by means of fun filled activities and games, the concept gets much clearer for children. If taught in such manner, the children hardly forget such teachings. Moreover the teaching on this site is also carried on by means of puzzles, tests, reading and writing. Children also get to learn about phonics, basic tip on handwriting, vocabulary, language and much more. The site also imparts education in various foreign languages.

For more details visit Ed Helper

Enchanted Learning

Enchanted Learning is one of the best educational websites for children that you would come across. Enchanted Learning is a 100% fun and educational web portal that helps children to imagine and enhance their creativity through fun and enjoyment. Enchanted Learning provides more than hundred activities in each of its categories for kids to learn and understand better. Their Index Page itself goes on and on, boasting about the wide range of activities which children can opt as per their likings. There are map section which help children learn about Geography well in an understandable language. Few other categories include Pre-School and Kindergarten activities, Nursery Rhymes, Information on US States, Geography and information on other areas, Coloring activity, General Knowledge section, Printouts and more. Additionally the website also provides dictionaries in various languages for helping children to facilitate reading.

For more information visit Enchanted Learning


eLearningK12 is an web-based education portal exclusively for children in USA. This site provides academic based activities and articles for students from Grades K - 12. Overall the site aims to impart quality education by providing onsite instructions and tutorials on both satte as well as national levels for better understanding and enhanced performance. The on-site program of eLearningK12 aims to accelerate academic performances of those students who experience unusual stress while studying. This on-site program is very well designed to cater to your kid's educational needs when he is in a relaxed atmosphere thus providing him complete guidance and assistance in academic preparations.

For more details visit eLearningk12

Discovery Education

Discovery Education is a education portal which aims to provide wide knowledge and information to children which is par beyond the textbook. Exclusively created by Discovery Channel, this site promises to impart education to students that would satisfy their reasoning and clear their confusions. Discovery Education engages students in learning via scientifically proven, resourceful articles and videos thus making a positive impact on learning. High quality articles are made available to students on various subjects which make the readers educative and help them achieve great results. Wide range of topics is discussed snd one gets the freedom to connect with the rest via connecting classrooms. True facts are presented in front of children by means of videos and resources which provide all the necessary information that satisfy their doubts.

For more information visit Discovery Education

I Know That

I Know That is an online educational portal which is designed exclusively to provide learning with fun and enjoyment for students of all age group. The site offers wide variety of educational games which promise to tutor students on various aspects related to languages, math, sciences and general knowledge. As the name suggests, this site helps children to sharpen their learning skills through their favorite past time - games. All the games on this site are 100% free and also offer Multi-player user facility. With these online games children learn to tackle various problems related to their studies. Most of all, the online games on this site also help in developing language skills and thinking skills through healthy competitions and contests.

For more details visit I Know That


MyTutorZone is a revolutionary experience which provides insight on individual working on academic performances of children. With lots of competitions streaming these days, students require an extra helping hand that enlighten, motivates and encourages them to succeed in academic fields; MyTutorZone is one such extra helping hand. Students who struggle in classrooms are provided with a supporting edge that helps them boost up in studies. Their individual potential starts growing with regular efforts done so by experienced and highly professional team at MyTutorZone. The site helps children to learn and study by means of video tutorials which are exclusively created by them. The experience children gather here is funloving and enjoyable as difficult topics are made easy and understandable by means of easy puzzles, examples and quiz. Children start showing tremendous enthusiasm in studies once they start learning with this site.

For more details visit MyTutorZone


Time4learning is an online homeschooling portal that plans to provide education by means of fun and simplicity. Children are catered with academic materials and schooling by means of easy interactive activities, online classrooms and printable worksheets on this site. Various subjects including languages, math, science, social studies and art are tutored to students in easy and understanding languages. Parents are regularly updated with kid's weekly performances and grading to help them constantly is in touch with their child's progress. The site makes provision for teaching in curriculum levels from Preschool to Eight grades.

For more details visit Time4learning

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