Superiority complex vs. inferiority complex in children

When you try to distinguish superiority complex with inferiority complex, then other than differences you also come across few similarities. However when a child suffers from inferiority complex few damage is done which can be rectified. But similar can’t be said about a child who suffers from superiority complex. This article helps you understand the same by providing similarities as well as differences between both the said complexities.

Superiority complex vs. inferiority complex in children

Dealing with children's behavior may not be that easy for all parents. This depends on the kids and their behavior. Behaviors of children also depend on the environment they grow in. Behavioral traits are present in each and every child in some way or other and hence each and everyone need to handle it in different ways. But when the behavior of a person starts affecting his social presence then it becomes a problem. Here we are talking about children and the same rules apply to them too. A kid being too shy or too smart had its own effects. Most of the child have or suffer from complex either inferior or superior and there is nothing much dangerous about that, unless you let it unattended. If a child suffers from any of the complexes then it's his parents who need to take care of it before it gets too late. Research has shown that after proper training and therapy, kids have shown better and improved results in their behavioral pattern. Moreover parents can't just sit back and allow the inferiority or superiority complexes within their children to dominate on their life. Such complexes basically portray a child's imperfection and incompleteness within.

Though superiority and inferiority complexes sound as if just a few alphabets changed here and there, still they vary completely from each other. Both the complexities are actually end of two edges both not healthy of anyone's behavior pattern. Many children face any of these two complexities and either one of both may not allow a child to live like any other normal children still the dominance persist. Most often when a child has inferior feelings and tries to overcome them, he develops a superiority complex. So before wondering which one is worst , we need to learn more about what both of them are exactly and how they differ from each other.

What is superiority complex

Superiority complex is a feeling where a person tries hard to overcome his inferiority complex. In such cases a child tries hard to be perfect and thus by boasting or in any other way makes a fine attempt of escaping his incapability. What a child exactly does is in regards to seem perfect in front of others they create his own self supreme image which is least bothered with criticism he receives from children around him. Such children are least bothered about others and in an attempt to look perfect present themselves in a worst manner in front of others unlike children with inferiority complex. A child with superiority complex may even hurt others just to prove his superiority. Few qualities found in children with this complex include egocentricity, boastfulness, exaggeration, bluffing, hurtfulness, aggressiveness, criticism and hatred.

What is inferiority complex

Inferiority complex on the other hand is far too different than superiority complex. A child with inferiority complex would not be able to present himself or herself in front of others no matter how hard he or she try. Such children are too shy and regard everyone else other than them to be far off better. Children with inferiority complex never try to speak in public, are too shy and stay as far as possible from making their presence feel. Few qualities found in child with inferiority complex include low self esteem, shyness, feeling of backing out, incompetent, inadequate, disapproval and withdrawal.

Causes of superiority and inferiority complex in children

Superiority complex as well as inferiority complex has common causes which include:

- Parents constant criticism right from early childhood

- Physical or mental abnormalities where a child feels inferior than other children of his age group

- Negative upbringing of a child

- Constant comparison with one or the other sibling or any other children of same age group.

- A child performing poor academically then the rest of the children in the class.

- Poor family economic status

- Any of the complexities present in either of the parents

- Racism

- Religion, caste or creed

- Family

Superiority complex vs. inferiority complex

Distinguishing superiority complex from inferiority complex is far too easy:

- A child with superiority complex may dominate other children around him, while a child with inferiority complex would fear from each and every child around him.

- A child with superiority complex would exaggerate or brag every now and then but a child with inferiority complex would hardly speak.

- Superiority complex may make a child too authoritative, while inferiority complex may on the other hand make a child timid.

- A child with superiority complex may even try to bully other kids of his age, while a child with inferiority complex may be scared of such bullies.

- A child with inferiority complex may consider himself unlucky and stay away from any kind of participation, while a child with superiority complex may forcibly make way for himself.

- A child with inferiority complex may not do things fearing of doing mistakes, while a child with superiority complex may do mistakes but still ignore them.

- One fact about inferiority complex in a child is that it can be used positively to mend things and even if exists still may not affect others around the child, but the same can't be said about superiority complex as it may get a little out of hand if not treated early or even affect others around the child including his family members.

Similarities between superiority complex and inferiority complex

The two complexities, superiority complex and inferiority complex share some similarities, mentioned below:
- A person with superiority complex as well as inferiority complex would make his behavior visible through his appearance and attitude.

- Both complexities are not going to do any good to the child

- The causes for superiority complex as well as inferiority complex are usually same.

- Both of these complexities may hamper personality development in children if not rectified at the right time.

- A child with any of the complexities lack in self esteem.

Any of the above mentioned complexities if at all present in the child should be treated in time before it does any harm to the child as well as his close ones. Prevention is easier during childhood as most of the measures can be suggested and used to help your child overcome such feelings. Parents can be in better control of their children and thus help them develop confidence as well as boost their self esteem. A specialist's advice may also come handy if things get out of hand. But if the problem lies in the behavioral pattern of parents like for instance they being discriminating the child or being negative all the time then it's time that they change their behavior and make the atmosphere within the house more positive even for the kids. Otherwise if things get out of hand then it would be too late for parents to decide what went wrong and how.

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