How to teach kids to be responsible environmentally

Since you are a environmental responsible citizen you wish your child to be the same. We definitely don’t wish our children to act like ignorant and selfish citizens who do not care about issues which relate to the environment threat and its conservation. This article helps parents to learn more about how they could teach their kids to be responsible environmentally.

How to teach kids to be responsible environmentally

We often wonder what is going to happen to the world, with so many environmental threats increasing day by day and less efforts are been done to take care of it. Most of all very few individuals or citizens seem to really care about the issue, and more of them actually add to this existing threat. We being environmentally concerned wish to see more and more people coming up and working towards this cause. But it seems to be impossible with so much of ignorance and carelessness around us. However even if there is not much you can do with people with stubborn minds and less concern; what actually is in your hand is to create interest in the young minds who may actually care and protect the environment. All that is in your hands is to shape up these young minds with ideas and concern that will help everyone in future to grow up more environmentally responsible other than just sitting back and doing nothing about it.

The young generation that we have got here is so talented and creative that they can just do wonders to the world if shaped in the right manner. With so much resources and curiosity these children can learn and understand more about what is happening around them and how that can be stopped. Children also being exposed to more and more informational sources like internet, reading materials and much more helps them to understand and research better. Thanks to the schools too who currently engage kids in activities and projects that help them understand more and more. Nowadays even 5 and 6 year old kids understand what is earthquake, what tsunami is and why plastic bags shouldn't be used. So when so much is been known to kids and so much things going around them, why not direct their knowledge and curiosity towards the correct path which will help them to understand their mother Earth better and would help them in following the right steps.

What is Environmental threat

Actually in the present scenario we humans are the only threats to the environment. Our actions, our ignorance, our selfish motives are in a way causing more threat to the nature. Adding to these woes is

- Human population growth

- Over-consumption

- Overuse of natural resources

- Lack of conserving those natural resources.

Hence even though vital role has been played to escape the natural disasters and sustain the environment, we as individuals and our actions would continue to be a threat to the environment.

What is being responsible environmentally

When you use the term environmentally responsible you actually show a commitment towards the environment by helping in every possible ways to make useful changes that would help sustain the environment. This commitment does not imply to just talking or sharing ideas, but also to actual efforts that you do which may some or the other way help the environment to stay safe or conserve. This is done with a good action plan and environmental safe ideology. When you speak about teaching kids to be responsible environmentally, you talk about making kids learn and join hands in your efforts.

What if your kid is not responsible environmentally

If you don't teach your kid to be responsible environmentally then he may grow as the same like any other individual in this world who are ignorant or careless about the nature. He may too continue to overuse the natural resources and would continue using or doing tasks which may pose grave danger or threat to the environment and apparently on his existence in this world too. So to make his life safer and better it is time that you take up the responsibility to teach your kid being responsible environmentally before its too late.

Start teaching at a very young age

Early the better. Once you decide that your kid should follow your footsteps when it comes to helping the environment; then you better start teaching him or her as early as possible. Try to make your kid aware of his surroundings and environment around him. Make a use of books with colorful pictures to help them understand. As a responsible parent make use of organic clothing for your baby and avoid use of plastic toys which can be potentially dangerous for your kid as well as the environment. This way a child too will learn to stay away from such toys and stuff.

Make learning a play time

Kids are more interested in learning if it is playful. Nobody wants boring lectures and speeches. So try to be creative and involve your kids too in activities which help them make use of non-toxic as well as ec0-friendly articles and teach them to be responsible environmentally.

Teach your child the importance of conservation

It is important for your child to learn the importance of conservation of natural resources. This teaching can be done in simple ways so that the child learns it without any hassle. Here are few ways a child can learn:

- Remind your child to unplug or turn off lights and fans whenever not in use.

- Remind your child to close tap and not to waste water.

- Teach your child about not wasting paper.

- Remind them to use paper bags other than plastic bags.

Encourage gardening or planting trees

Encourage your child to involve in gardening activity by just allowing them to water the plants, sowing seeds and helping you out. Assign daily tasks which make them responsible for taking care of the garden. Encourage more planting activities in your neighborhood and volunteer to such activites with your children.

Encourage your child's friends

When your child gets to have friends be part of such activities they find it more interesting and enjoyable. So it is a great idea to make a big group and have your own activity schedule. Besides involving more and more children in such environment friendly activities is more helpful. Ina way you are actually doing a great help to the nature by doing so.

Set a good example

If you want your child to be responsible environmentally, then you too have to be the same. You can't expect your child to use paper bags if you use plastic bags in front of him. In the similar manner don't expect your child to switch of lights if you always keep them on even if you are not there in the room. So act responsibly in front of your child and be a good role model.

Few things you can teach children to be responsible environmentally

- Teach your child to respect Mother Nature.

- Ask children to stop littering not just in the house but also in your surroundings.

- Teach your child to keep surroundings clean in the similar manner they clean their house.

- Teach kids to recycle.

- Always teach kids to love animals and not to harm them.

- Remind your kids about not wasting food.

- Encourage your child to participate in environmental projects and activities.

- Indulge your child in eco-friendly activities and workshops for more knowledge and understanding.

Maybe that is how we may be able to make this place a better place to live for our kids as well as their descendents in the near future. If not done now then maybe it would get too late to help the environment as well as our kids. And who knows someday the kids will actually thank us for teaching them the most important duty they have towards their mother nature.

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