How kids returned from USA adjust and adapt in Indian schools

It is definitely not easy for a child to adapt to a new school, that too when it is in different country. When kids returned from USA enroll in Indian schools, they find the teaching methods and overall surroundings a bit different and they need a lot of time to adapt to it. This article helps parents to understand how to handle and help kids returned from USA to adjust and adapt to Indian schools.

How kids returned from USA adjust and adapt in Indian schools

Few years back you had moved to US to make a career and did very well. Now that you achieved what you call as success you plan to return to your hometown back in India. Nothing has changed so far as things are just the same, both places. Everything seems to be so far so good as you do a safe landing in your country. Everything is all set by as it was planned, your house, your office and even admissions for your kids for the next academic term in India. Now when things seem to be going on pretty well, there is still something that keeps bothering you though all is well! This is not about you but your kids. Though your kids have gotten admissions in good schools still what worries you more is their adaptation to the new school. Not because the school is not good, it is one of the best in town. But still the worry is more about the kids getting adjusted to the atmosphere, study material and new surroundings. Questions that keep arising in parent's mind include:

- Are your kids mentally prepared to adjust to these new surroundings?

- Will the kids like their new school?

- Will the kids be happy with new education system?

- Will the kids be able to make new friends?

- Will the kids be able to cope up with the new curriculum?

- Will the kids find it easy to adjust with the big change?

- Will the kids hate you for bringing this change in their life?

Sometimes people need to take decisions which are not accepted by everyone in the family. Or most often, the family in all takes a decision with or without thinking about what would happen next. In most cases, the family which is in everything together adapts with the new change though it may take some time to do so. Any decision that we take does make us face new challenges, but at the end of the day, one that faces these challenges bravely would definitely succeed.

There are many doubts parents have regarding schools in India when compared to the US. Schools in India are considered to be traditional, outdated and lamer as compared to the US. No doubt there has been and still exist certain loopholes in the education system, but don't these loopholes exist in each and every country. In a similar manner, look at the positive side. The present education system is far better and improving every single day. Even the regular English medium schools and Convent schools are improvising by changing their standards and education pattern. So there is just nothing to worry about.

Prepare your child for this new change

Changing school is a big decision for your child and brings great change. This gets worse when the new school is not in the same place, but somewhere else probably as in this case a new country. So in such case, there are many doubts and confusions in a kids mind and it's the parents' job to settle them and clear them for all these confusions. Most often kids are not really happy about such decisions their parents take. New surroundings, new people, new teachers and new classmates along with new studies may actually scare your kid and make him get nightmares. Not all kids get affected by such decisions but most of them do. So it is the parent's job to help their kid get over this.

Keep a positive aspect

One has to believe that things are definitely changing in the education pattern of India as one can find a lot more positive change been brought on by the Education department. Presently the new including the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination) and the other boards are definitely following the international standards even including the 25 to 30 kids per teacher rule.

Speak to your child about their new school

Parents should speak to their children about their new school and new surroundings they will be getting into. Tell them about their new school, the pattern that is been followed and about everything which you find is better and exciting, like a big swimming pool or a big playground which your kid is interested in.

Let your child visit his new school before the school starts

Take your kid to visit his new school and allow him to explore the premises a bit. Let him get acquainted with the new environs, his or her school principal and even better his new class teacher. Allow him to spend some time in his new classroom. Make him feel comfortable. This is very important that you help your child visit his new school so that he doesn't get frightened on the very first day of school and faint out.

Admit your kid to IGCSE or any other International School

IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is a welcoming entrant in India with its Cambridge International Primary Programme being followed. Many new schools in India follow the current grades pattern set out by IGCSE which is equivalent to US and other international schools. This universal pattern is said to be internationally recognized and your child may just feel like home.

Help your child to make new friends

Friendships are known to help children get to adapt to new surroundings. Help and encourage your child to make new friends as in classmates. Call for a small snack party and invite all his or her friends. Thus provide your children with an opportunity to get acquainted with his classmates and other friends. This will help your child to cheer up a bit.

Parents need to have patience

Always remember that it is not going to be easy at all. So parents need to have some patience as lots of complaining and irritation from children is to be expected. Children may initially not be really happy with this decision are would throw tantrums or just fight with you. But parents have to handle this situation with as calmly as possible.

Speak to your child about his first day

Always remember to be ready for some annoying replies in return when asked about the kid's first day to their new school. They may or may not be happy. But remember it a big change for them and they are going to compare existing situations with their past ones. So kids may get desperate. You may also hear remarks like, "I don't want to go back to this school" or " Can't I go back stay there in the US?" or " I hate you for putting me this situation". They may find the teaching method or overall things far too different and maybe amusing for a while. They may find their classrooms cramped up with lots of children, unlike their previous schools. This is very normal and parents have to know that the kids will need a lot of time to get adapted.

Encourage your child to take up a hobby class or activity class

Engage your child in activities which will help him diversify his thoughts from the original issue. Encourage him to take up a hobby class or a music class. For instance, let him learn some instrument which he likes like say a guitar or a piano. Get him piano lessons or guitar lessons. Let him join some kids club or activity class which engages him in outdoor activities that thrill him.

Things are not going to be easy

Yes, and you very well remember that! It is a big challenge that you plan to face. You too will find a lot of things different from before, like about studies and examination pattern. Even the PTAs may be upsetting as compared to earlier school. But handle things in a calm manner. You have to do that both for you and your child.

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