How to boost brainpower of child?

As the technology grows vastly the society and style of living also changing rapidly. Parents and children are facing as per the arrival of new information technology and education pattern. There are some basic but important tips to boost the brainpower of children, are mentioned in this article.

Essential elements to boost the brainpower are –

  1. Practice of yoga and meditation
  2. Application of personality development program
  3. Providing new information about computer and internet programming
  4. Sharing knowledge about current affairs, GK, and IQ
  5. Participating various contests and competitions
  6. Taking care of proper diet and health
  7. Studying attitude and mental behavior of child

1. Practice of Yoga and Meditation

Practicing yoga and meditation is the most important application to boost brainpower of a child. Yoga and meditation is the very ancient program created by many saints and gurus in the purpose of humankind and personal development. A child should know the basic yoga and meditation, to become mentally and physically healthy.

Yoga helps a person to be physical good and secure from common diseases. Basic yoga, such as a little exercise, Surya Namaskar, Bhastrika Pranayam and other breathing exercises should practiced daily in the early morning. Meditation can be at early morning after yoga or evening after game section. Before going for meditation, one should be wash or clean the body and sit over a flat surface putting a carpet or bed sheet. Meditation should start with pronouncing 'Oum' or 'Amen'. Meditation is nothing but mind without agitation. There is nothing to be done in this stage; just sitting comfortably without any effort or stress to the body and mind for 20 to 30 minutes.

2. Application of personality development program

Participating or involving in personality development programs helps a child to nurture the talent inside the inner core. There are many programs conducted by institutions and NGOs in India. All Round Training in Excellence (ART-Excel) is a program designed by Sri Sri Ravishankar's Vidya Mandir, with more than 25 games and plays that help abolishing fear and anxiety in children.

Personal development program are not only for academic benefit but also for gaining potential growth and personal skills. Children become smarter, active, friendly, and comfortable by this application and programs.

3. Providing new information about computer and internet programming

Many online resources and programs over internet and computer can expand a child's knowledge and talent vastly. Spending extra time over online talent games and contests helps, nurturing and boosting the brainpower in children.

4. Sharing knowledge about current affairs, GK, and IQ

Most of the children are wasting their time with watching TV or video gaming in their spare time. Parents are aware of this very well, but sometime being slack in front of them; due to which, children face a lot in their study and health.

Parents should not force their child for not watching TV or Video game, but they should make practice in discussing various GK, IQ or current affairs by reading newspaper, magazines, or online resources. Making this as a habit in child will boost the brainpower from negative habits to a positive lifestyle.

5. Participating various contests and competitions

Parents must know about the school contests and competition programs, and make prepare their child to get best score in the respective fields. Participating in contests and competitions helps the children to cultivate their concealed talent and skills openly.

6. Taking care of proper diet and health

Most of children are very talent and brilliant in nature, but due high negligence in diet and health drags themselves to back stage in their class.

Parents should take care of their child, until they rise mentally or matured. Diet and health are correlated factors that depend on the environment too. Changing in environment, places, and schools are the most common factors of affecting ill health of a child. Parents and teachers should look after these change nesses very firmly and take care of the children on time.

7. Studying attitude and mental behavior of child

Sometime children act and behave differently with their parents, teachers, and colleagues. These changes may be due to their ageing or psychological variation caused by their teachers, parents, colleagues or other persons. Changing attitude and behavior is also one cause that affects children academic career and psychological state of affairs.

In this case, parents should know the reason that causes this kind of differences in their child with the help of child's friends and teacher. If the change is due to the grown-up in child, then mother or elder sisters should handle this case very sensitively and delicately. If the issue is due to any other person, then parents should alert the person and take care of their child very politely.

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