Party manners for children

If you think that your children causes embarrassment to you while attending a party, then its time that you teach them party manners. It is very important that your child learns party manners so as to behave well in a party or a social gathering. This article helps you learn more about party manners for kids.

Party manners for children

Attending parties can be so much fun, as you get to be social, you meet friends, you enjoy good friends and overall have a great time. But it may not be same for everyone! When your children accompany you to parties or get-together then it is all upon your children's behavior which decides how this party turns out for you. Haven't you heard from many parents how their nice party got ruined because of their child's bad behavior or because of not their child exactly but someone else's child who turned the party into a big spoil show? Very often children may behave in inappropriate manners or just forget all the manners when in a party and this can be a cause of embarrassment for parents. And this is not news. Many are known to face such embarrassment which is result of bad behavior or bad manners from children. In fact this is one reason why parents avoid taking children to such parties and functions. But it is not that parents don't wish to take their children but their inappropriate behaviors and bad manners embarrass the parents and they feel humiliated.

What parents need to do is teach the children how they should behave in the party in front of others. It is very important that children know that their inappropriate behavior and bad manners may be a cause of embarrassment for their parents. It is possible for parents to teach and correct their child when it comes to bad behavior and party manners. It is parent's job to teach their children how to behave in front of guests and other relatives in the party. If a child still continues to behave in the same manner, then parent should look out for reasons why a child does so. Children too have their own reasons for behaving badly.

Few of the reasons why a child may exhibit bad behavior in a party

A child may exhibit bad behavior in a party for many reasons; few of them are listed below:

- A child may lack manners.

- A child may not be interested in attending parties.

- A child could be introvert or shy

- A child may not be happy with the group he has to be within the party.

- Maybe there are no other children in the party for his entertainment.

- Maybe the child finds the gathering or the party too boring.

- A child may behave so event to resists parental control.

- A child may behave so to get his parents stop accompany him with them to parties.

- The child may be too exhausted or stressed out.

- This particular child always seems to exhibit bad behavior problems.

- In many cases a child may behave so just to embarrass his parents in front of others.

- A child may be sick.

If the reason for bad behavior is one of the above, then parents may need to look out for solutions to solve them. However if it is just the bad manners that the kid exhibit for no such above reasons, then parents need to teach their kids proper party manners.

Teach your child how to be a perfect host of a party

If it is you who is planning to host a party then explain it to your child that he also happens to be a part of it. Teach your child how to be a host. Make it look like a challenging task that they have to do. Children love challenges and hence they will see that they do it perfectly. The child needs to know about:

- How to deal with guests.

- How to welcome guests.

- How to behave in front of elders.

- What to say when someone give them gifts or presents.

- How to greet the guests?

- How to play a perfect host?

- How to make other children invited in the party feel comfortable.

Parents need to exhibit good party manners

Now this is very important! Firstly parents need to exhibit good manners and behavior in a party, then only children tend to learn them and exhibit in the same manner. What's the use if you teach your child how to behave in a party but you seem to behave inappropriately? In such cases children observe their parents and learn to behave the same way.

Reward your child for good behavior and good manners

If you notice that your child is exhibiting good behavior in the party then you should compliment him for the same. Appreciate your child's good manners and good behavior and thus encourage them to repeat it in every other party. You can also reward them some or the other time for the same.

Top 10 party manners parents can teach their kids

1. Teach your child to behave politely with the guests.

2. Teach your child to greet the guest as soon as they enter the party venue if you are hosting a party. In case you are attending one then ask him to greet everyone who comes in front of him.

3. Ask your child to be polite with all the guests and also to behave well with all the other children attending the party.

4. Ask your child to maintain proper posture while standing and seating throughout the party. The child also needs to learn about maintaining proper posture while eating food on the table.

5. Remind your child about not filling the plate entirely with food even if he likes a particular dish, instead take small portions.

6. Teach your child to put small morsels of food when having dinner with other guests around.

7. Teach your child to be seated until everyone else finishes on the table.

8. Remind your child about proper table manners he needs to exhibit while having dinner.

9. Remind your child to use words like, "please", "thank you", "welcome" etc while conversing with guests.

10. Remind your child to say "thank you", whenever he is been offered with gifts or even compliments by other guests.

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