How to develop your child’s mental power and intellect?

The following article deals with some effective ways to develop your child's mental abilities and intellect. It explains the need to reading, parents' interaction with the child, parents' outing with the child and also throws light upon the social characters the child develops, upon mingling with other children.

Development of a child's mental abilities is a continuous process. To develop the child's intellect positively, parents should hold his hand and take him to the world of knowledge, from a very tender age. It is often said that the knowledge and understanding which a child absorbs in his early age will stay with him throughout his life. And in this process of mental development, it is the parents who play the major roles. Interacting with the child daily, encouraging him to ask questions, giving him books that inspire his creativity and imagination, taking him out to parks and beaches and allowing him to friendly mingle with other children are all ways to enhance your child's mental skills.

Reading and mental development

Books are considered to be the greatest companions of man. In the company of books, one can forget all tensions and worries and get carried away into a world full of knowledge and fantasies. For a child who hasn't seen books before, the little thing with lots of pictures and colors will indeed be a small wonder. And introducing this wonder to the enthusiastic child is the parents' job which should be done pleasantly and with as much enthusiasm as the child has.

Most school children hate books often because they have not been properly introduced to this world of reading and believe that books are monsters which could make their lives all work and no play. When the child is introduced to a book for the first time, the parent should make him believe that reading is great fun. With this concept, the child will excitedly open his book, get going with the colorful pictures that fill the book and realize the joy of reading. Thus, books and reading will expose him to the vast world of knowledge.

Interacting with the child

When the parents try to make their child speak, they are actually making the child use his natural hearing ability. In reply to the questions from the parents, the child naturally responds and answers in the best possible way. Through this interaction, the child is indirectly developing his ability to communicate. We often hear of mothers, who are career women, complaining about their child's slow-developing communication skills. On the other hand, children with non-working mothers are fast in grasping things and have great communication skills by the age of six months. This owes to the time spent by the parents with their child, interacting and encouraging them to speak. When parents mingle with their children and play with them, they become their best friends. With this, the child develops an even stronger attachment with the parents and automatically develops his communication skills.

Reading out stories and poems to the child

The role of the parents in helping the child to put forward his first step into the world of knowledge does not confine to merely giving him books to read. In addition to giving the child books to read, the parents should also read out aloud the stories and poems which will enhance the child's creativity and imagination. Before the child goes to sleep, parents should read out bedtime stories to them. This not only gives the child scope to imagine but gives him a sense of security too. Reading out a new tale each day helps to keep the child's keenness alive throughout.

Outing with the child

Small picnics to parks, beaches and other outing with the child help a great deal in making the child more friendly and social. This increases the child's experience of the world outside home. In the crowded park, holding the parent's hand makes the child realize that his parent is the greatest guide in life. Further, the child can be encouraged to talk about his outing experience to other members of the family which will develop the child's ability to observe his surroundings. During the outing hours, the parents should introduce the child to the things around him so that he learns more about social life.

Mingling with other children

In this world where self-centered people are more in number than the unselfish ones, the basic trait which a child should develop is love for his/her co-beings. By allowing the child to mingle and play with other children of his age, the parents develop in the child the values of sharing and respect for others. The parents too should play with the child and occasionally lose the game to the child. This will instill in the child a belief that losing a game is natural. This will make increase the child's confidence. The child should also be encouraged to make good friends at school, parks and neighborhoods. This will boost the child's socializing talents.


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