Should parents help their children with homework

Homework is assigned by schools for individual and independent growth of a child. And hence many parents opt out of it, even schools want parents to do the same. But there is much more than this related to homework. A parental involvement may just work wonder in a child’s development. This article helps parents to understand how parental involvement in their children’s homework may turn out beneficial.

Should parents help their children with homework

School life can get tough for children sometimes. School provides activities, sport facilities and leisure facilities along with academic studies. Such activities come like a stress-buster for children who otherwise get tired and exhausted due to studies. It is not easy for children to carry on their academic studies all the time. This makes them stressed out and completely exhausted. The most important part of studies which leave kid more worn out is the homework. Homework is an important part of studies which help kid to understand and study better. But it gets hectic sometimes for kids when there is too much to do or write and very little time. Children then look upon their parents to help them out with the homework.

Homework no doubt forms an important criterion of education. A child who is known to complete his homework regularly is said to be academically best. When a child is connected with his homework, his understanding for that particular subject for which he did his homework is known to develop better. Though many parents don't approve of helping their kids with homework, the fact is few of them actually do. Helping children with homework may not be that tedious job for parent the way they think it is. Most of the parents are also of the idea that helping their child may make him dependent. Most of the parents also carry a point of view where they think that it is only and only children's duty to finish their school homework. But such attitude from parents may not be considered to be the right attitude. It is correct that children have to finish their homework by themselves; still parental involvement may just do wonders to this activity. If parents involve themselves in their child's homework routine, then children, even those who don't like doing homework may find it exciting and interesting.

Concept of Homework

Homework is referred to the assignment or task which children need to complete at home and. This task is related to the studies and the current academic portion related to school. When one says homework, it may relate to anything from reading and writing. Mostly kids are made to write and complete a periodical assignment or worksheets. Homework may also relate to task which may include drawing or sketching or even coloring. Additionally homework may also relate to searching data and putting them together for a mentioned subject.

Why is homework assigned to students by school

Homework is assigned to students by schools for:

- Making the particular concept easy to understand.

- Homework helps in improving the child's skill

- Homework makes complex topic easy and simple.

- Homework makes children to do research and involve in their studies. This is one way children may look out for additional resources and study materials either online or in libraries.

- Also as an opportunity where a kid would take out time to finish his homework and involve himself or herself in the subject other than just playing.

- Homework helps in revising difficult topics or studies overall.

- Homework also prepares children for the next task related to that particular assignment.

Why parents should help children with homework

Parent's involvement in their child's homework may in a way work out for the betterment of a child. Research has proved that a child whose parents help him out with homework shows positive results other than a child who does on his own. Though homework is an platform for the child to do better in his studies but parental involvement may come handy and provide additional benefits.

When should parents actually help their children with homework

Though very often schools are against the idea of parent helping their children with homework, but then this part has to be understood clearly. When a particular homework that a child is assigned, needs a child to copy the contents from his notebook, or just needs to revise notes; then this is when parents should not help their children. But parents can involve in their children's homework which seems to be more complicated than that. For instance when a particular homework needs research or other references which are beyond a child's reach! Or a homework which requires a child to learn complex topics which are far beyond his understanding! Then these are the areas where parents can come for help and make things little easy for their children.

Significance of parent's involvement in their child's homework

When a parent involves in his child's homework:

- Get their homework re-checked by parents before submitting to the class teacher.

- Children can be helped with guidance from parents.

- Children find the task much more interesting.

- If parents find any part of the homework being difficult for the child to understand they can help him, and if still not understood may notify the class teacher about it.

- Parent get to bond well with the kids and provide more time to them this way.

Once parents understand how important it is for them to involve in their child's homework, lets discuss this with much more clarity.

Just be a guide

Parents should allow the child to finish major task of the homework by himself, other than helping them out in each and every step. Try just to be involved as a guide, and other than that don't involve too much. Let your child contribute more towards his homework by himself other than you helping him with it. Just be there when he really needs you. This way all parents are going to do is encourage their child's independent growth even with their involvement.

Help your child by making it easy for him to do his homework

Parental involvement in their child's homework could be directly as well as indirectly. A parent can make it right and all set for child so that the child finds it easy to do his homework. This can be done by trying out the following:

- Set out a regular time for homework, so that your child finishes on time.

- Make the room prefect for your child, by removing all the toys, turning off the TV and also by avoiding phone conversations which may be distracting for your child. Instead see that he is focused towards his homework.

- If you child has already informed you about the research that is needed with the homework assignment, a parent can start off with keeping things ready for the child. This includes opening the required web pages, looking out for the required study materials in library.

- Finish your other works and keep yourself free for the time that you have assigned for your child.

- See that the child finishes his homework every day on the regular assigned time.

- Always keep updated with the assignments and tasks that your child needs to finish in a particular schedule. That could be a great help for a child as the parent can always remind him about the incomplete tasks.

Cheer your child about their school homework

Always cheer your child about homework assignments. Children sometimes hate homework and this is where parents can help them by developing interest in children. Tell and explain your child about homework concept and its importance. Make it look interesting and fun filled. This way you can involve in your child's homework not entirely but in certain limits but still make it work positively for your child.

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Parent should give the tips for the question and the way to reach the correct answer. Parent never take the responsibility to complete a work fully, because it will leads to make the student lazy. Also they can't finish same model questions. So take care when you looking for your child.
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