Ways to control stress level in your kids

Though it may seem to be little funny, the children have a higher rate of stress level if the parents are unable to monitor their daily requirements and attitudes. The article describes the ways in which a parent can help reduce stress in his child and know the exact causes of the stress. It is very important for the parents to know about stress management for their child.

Ways in which the parents can help reduce the stress level of their child

Stress is a part and parcel of growing up. There can be various reasons for stress among children. For example, a child may be stresses with the over-burden of their projects or school homework. Similarly, a child may be stresses if he fears something like the friends or he fears the punishment for something he has done wrong. A parent is the best guide to his child in these cases. I have listed some of the ways in which the parents can manage the stress of their children.

• First of all, try to know the exact cause of stress of your child. You may come across several uncommon and abnormal behavior of your child when he is stresses. For example, he may reject the things which he likes the most. He may not talk with anybody or he may be too stubborn. Try to talk to your child. If that doesn't work, try to console him saying that you are always with him even if he has done something wrong. Remember that at no point of time should you become agitated or angry with the nuisances of your child. Give him some time and try to inquire into the matter from the friends of your child or the neighbor and the teacher without the knowledge of your child. Your child should not get the feeling that you're interfering into the day to day life of his or you are inquiring into his misdeeds.

• Create a flexible time schedule for your child. Many a child create good time schedule for their child having a lot of scope for fun and entertainment. But with the due course of time, they become rigid with regard to the schedule. This should not be the case. If your child wants some flexibility or he wants to make his own schedule, let his do so. Check his schedule after some time and try to explain him if there is any problem or confusion in it.

• Definitely, school projects and homework's are the main source of the stress of the children. The parents cannot do much in this regard to reduce the burden of the children but they can always spare some time from their busy schedule and try to make the children understand that it is not always necessary to get top score in every subject at all times. If the children develop this attitude, they can get away well without getting stress on themselves.

• If possible, try to alter the environment and the surroundings of your child. Take him to a small outing or a picnic so that they may mingle well with the parents and be happy. When they return home, they shall feel comfortable and shall get to work with a new spirit. If this is not possible, play some outdoor games with the children in the lawn or the park.

• There are some children who have completely a different view regarding what is happening outside. Sometimes, it becomes impossible for the parents to analyze what actually their child is thinking. Do not take such matters seriously. When such child is subjected to excess control and advice at every point of their actions, they become stressed. Let the child feel free and do what he wants to. Do not force your advice on him or her. Listen to their suggestions and see if it possible to implement them.

• There are many parents who have the bad habit of shouting aloud and fighting among themselves in front of their child. Some children cannot see their parents fighting between themselves and they become stressed. Never, never fight in front of your child as may develop a negative attitude towards the parents. Moreover, never let your anger on your child if he does not commit any mistake.

• Try to produce a completely different look of the stressful situation that your child is facing. The parents can well console their child if they lighten the matter, however serious it may seem to your child. If the child has broken someone's window while playing cricket and has received a good scolding from the neighbor, it is very natural for him to be stresses. The parents may explain the child that breaking the glass is a symptom of a good cricketer! The child may also start thinking in this fashion and have a positive and optimistic attitude towards the life. This is one the best way of handling stress in the child.

• Get your child involved in some extra-curricular activities of his interest. Singing, dancing, musical instruments, drawing, arts and crafts, karate etc. are some of the activities that help to reduce stress in your child when the child is stresses and he has recourse to such activities, he can get away with his problem by himself. These activities help to develop a comprehensive look and a healthy mind and acts as refreshments. It is not necessary that a child has to do these things only when made a compulsion via a school project. The parents can foster the spirit of these activities in their child and make them a hobby for him/her.

• Have an open discussion with your child. Try to get his suggestions in the house matters if you can. For example, of you are planning to paint your house, ask his views about it. Ask him the color he likes and places where he shall like the house to be painted. It is not necessary that you have to implement your child suggestions but it shall be enough for the child to know that his suggestion has been sought for. Similarly, the parents must try to get child's involvement in everything possible so that he is occupied with the family and never feels that he has some problems with his friends or other outside the house.


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