Weaning Young Babies

Weaning is a process of changing from Mother's milk to a bottle or introducing juices, semi-solid foods, pureed foods, etc. The baby might refuse early and might even cry for trying new food. So in this resource I have discussed about Weaning.

Should Weaning be started at 6 weeks?
No, Babies aren't developed at 6 weeks. Their kidneys are still immature so solid foods are not right for them now. Research has shown that if Weaning is started early then a child can be at a higher risk of food allergies in future and may cough more and breathe noisily.

How will I know if my baby is ready for Weaning?
Your baby is ready between 4 to 6 months, if he is waking for night feeds again and again, and still seems hungry after feeding or is gaining weight less quickly.

When Weaning should be started?
Weaning can be started once the baby is between 4 and 6 months of age. Initially, it will be some extras for the baby whereas milk feeding will only be the main course.

Can Weaning be started at the age of one?
Weaning should not be longer than 6 months. If weaning is started late, child will become deficient in nutrients like iron, zinc and Vitamins A and D, because both mother's milk and even formula milk are poor in theses nutrients. He needs to chew his solid foods in order to help his jaw and speech to develop.

Should I reduce the milk intake when the bay starts solid foods?
No, carry on with the same amount of milk feeds. Mother's milk is still the priority, solid foods and juices are just the side meals. These are just tasters so your baby will only want tiny amounts. These meals are to be given only once and slowly you can increase it to two times in a day.

What should I give my 4 months old baby?
Try cereal (baby rice) mixed with a little warm formula milk, mother's milk or some cooled, boiled water or fruit (cooked apple, pear, uncooked banana, uncooked papaya), vegetables (broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, potato).You can even give him rice water.

How to give it?
Food should be cooked and then either sieved or blended until it is about the same texture as ketchup or a thick soup with no lumps.

Can I start giving him drinks along with food?
As soon as you start weaning, your baby will be more thirsty. You can give him baby fruit juice diluted with cooled, boiled water given in a trainer beaker or a cup. Other baby drinks can be high in sugar and are unnecessary.


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