How does teeth develop?

Most babies get their first tooth at around 6 months. Other babies get their first tooth when they are 12 months old. Your child should have all his milk teeth by the time he/she is two and a half years. So here I have discussed that how do teeth appear and what care must be taken.

How Teeth Develop

When teething, your child may try to chew everything that is within his reach. He/she may be in pain which will make him/her more irritable.Your child will have 20 milk teeth and will start losing them when he/she is about 6 years old. Your child,s teeth will appear in the following order:

Lower central incisors
Upper central incisors
Lower lateral incisors
Upper lateral incisors
Lower anterior molars
Upper anterior molars
Lower canines
Upper canines
Lower second molars
Upper second molars

Looking after Infant teeth

Start cleaning your baby's teeth in the morning and evening as soon as they appear with a wet gauze or a wash cloth.Do not allow your child to brush on his own unless you are sure about it. Only give fruit juices at mealtimes and avoid at bedtime unless you brush afterwards. Encourage him to eat healthy snacks and make sure his diet is rich in calcium, minerals and vitamins.

Fizzy drinks don't, contain sugar so you might think they are tooth friendly, but their acidity makes them harmful when dissolved, carbon dioxide makes carbonic acid.

Parents think that high fever and diarrhoea are the causes of teething which is not at all true. Perhaps, your child might be having this because of some other
problem. Kindly, consult your pediatrician regarding this.

Fluoride is something which is already present in the water either naturally or may be added by our water provider. If your area doesn't have fluoride drops in the water your child might need them from babyhood onwards.

Fluoride toothpastes can be used but only in older children who are old enough to understand and will not swallow it. Too much fluoride may discolour the teeth permanently so it should be given in small amounts.

Your child needs to visit the dentist at least every six months or one year, the earlier the better.

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