How to handle kids who talks back when you teach them good behaviors

Children while growing in an environment surrounded by people who keeps arguing for many a situation tend to adapt the process of talking back when you try teaching them something good. This habit needs to be controlled. Read this article to help your kids get rid of this bad behavior

How to handle kids who talks back when you teach them good behaviors

Kids now-a-days are attracted by various activities. They tend to copy their friends at school or they repeat the activities of their parents and surroundings. The habit of talking back is observed to be a common behavior issue seen in many kids. They develop the habit of talking back to their parents, relatives and teachers which is not appreciated and tend to make people more frustrated. These kinds of activities done by our kids must be controlled on the very beginning stage or it will turn up to be their habit one day. Here is what you can do about it,

Make your point clear

While you are trying to make your kid understand that these kinds of activities are bad make your point clear. Tell them very firmly that you strongly do not encourage activities like talking back, loud arguments, big noise, shouting back or calling parents and relatives by their name.

Be a hero/heroine who they can follow

It is very important that you be a Hero/Heroine to your kids. The very first character that they tend to copy and develop is their parents. Imagine you fighting or arguing with your spouse always and your kids watch you. All they learn is to fight and argue. There is no point in blaming them for their bad activities. According to them fighting and arguing are the correct things to do. They learn from us.

If you see kid with good behavior you tend to appreciate them and the whole credit goes only to their parents. Very child is born and bringing them up as a good child with good behavior is the responsibility of the parents. But your whole effort is bringing up your kids by showing them what good habits are. Prove them on your daily life and you will be their Role model.

Appreciate and reward them

We as a parent always tend to find faults on our kids and spouse. We really spend more energy in correct their mistakes which is good but not always. Try to watch your kid's activities. When you see them doing some thing good do not to appreciate them.

For example:
If you see your kid sharing his favourite chocolates or biscuits with his/her friends Appreciate your kid for his/her good act and try to reward them. This will make them to develop the same habit for their life time.

Talk to your kids

Always make a habit of sitting with your kids for a talk on regular basics. Make sure you are not boring them or make them feel that their advice class has started. Teach them good behaviors of how to respect elders and ask for their politely. Also make your point crisp that just because they are asking some bad polite they won't be getting it. This will make them know that only good thing which will be appreciated by their parents always

Toddlers talk back habit

Toddlers are with very sensitive brain. Since they are new to this world they tend to observe, discover and adapt everything from their surroundings. Hence they come up with talking back for whatever commands that they reach from us. They keep saying "No", "Why", "What", "How", "Where". On repeated sayings of these word parents tend to get irritated. However it is advised not to show your feelings to the toddlers. If you show your anger to your kid it will motivate them to keep repeating their activity of using those words more often. If a growing toddler take back he/she is try to learn more from you. Don't hesitate to explain those stuffs.

Things Parent should note about the habit of back talk

1. Parents should let children to talk.
2. Children should feel comfortable to ask questions to their parents.
3. Children grow with learning stuffs by asking questions and registering them as habits to follow.
4. Provide proper space to your child to back talk may be this time he has a valid question.
5. Never come to an immediate conclusion that your child is rude or disobedient

Article by Anamika
Regards, Hemaaraani B "Face the problem face to face with Smiling Face"

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